Itazura na Kiss – 09


Kotoko and her tennis club leader begin to follow Naoki and Matsumoto on their day together to see what they are up to.


This episode was pretty good. For the most part it seemed fairly average. Most of the episodes seem like they amount to the same thing in the end, Kotoko realizing she maybe shouldn’t be doing what she is doing but she’s in love so she can’t help it, then Naoki says or does something nice but isn’t happy about it maybe and then does something mean. Although it hasn’t gotten to the point where its repetitiveness is really bad, since it is still different enough, not much in the show is changing overall. They do seem to be using this rather serious problem that Naoki is having rather well though. He has shown before that he has a big lack of direction in his life and they touched on that more here. Hopefully they will really focus on that a bit later, as it is one of the more interesting topics they have going.


Kotoko moving away is going to be fairly interesting. Especially considering this show spanning ten years, there’s no way they can reasonably justify them staying there that long because they have to. Either they will move away which will bring a bit of a new dynamic to their relationship and what Kotoko has to do to get closer or there will be a rather large emotional revealing that causes them to stay. Either way it should produce something interesting. Naoki has already said that his life was pretty much boring and pointless before Kotoko came and screwed things up, in a good way. I’m sure even he may realize that if she moves away things might not be the best for even him. However, as I said even if they move away it could bring something interesting to the show so either way, it will be fun to see.

2 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss – 09”

  1. i think the anime was prety awsome, but the ending was really sucks……..
    i hope the anime will continue with season 2

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