Da Capo II Season 2 – 09


Otome sees that Sakura’s sacrifice has done nothing to stop the mysterious accidents around town and tries to figure out what has to be done without sacrificing Yoshiyuki.


Wow…for lack of a better phrase…the shit has really hit the fan. I can’t believe how good this season has become. It’s nothing like the previous season with rather unimportant focus. We’ve already had two people more or less die for nothing because there are still things happening that are causing serious accidents that could kill more innocent people and the only way to stop it is for someone to kill the guy she loves. That premise is pretty damn serious. Now, fitting with the nature of this series though I doubt things will be that grim in the end but it’s still nice to see things be this series and dark. I’m very impressed and am on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next.


I think this episode has pretty much guaranteed that Otome will be the one who ends up with Yoshiyuki in the end. Although I previously thought it would. Be Yume, they haven’t continued with the big Yume drama very much compared to how much focus Otome is getting. Plus not only is Otome being included in this rather emotional part of the plot, but she has also realized herself the kind of feelings she has for Yoshiyuki. Previously I thought it might be Yume because while Otome was being included more, Yume was showing more romantic focus. However that’s kind of changed with this episode and now I’d be shocked if she didn’t end up with him. I still think we’ll see some kind of development with Yume, as there was some vision of her leaving which may actually come true if Otome will be with him, but any conclusion to her we’ll see will likely be her not ending up with Yoshiyuki.

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  1. I figured you would like this one. This season has really exploded in the past couple of episodes. It’s become quite a deluge of emotion, and it’s not even over yet! Taken as a whole, this series (both DC I and II) has become one of my favorite.

    Things have become quite sad recently, but if you think about it there is one good thing that came out of this: Sakura finally got her wish to be with Junichi (though they aren’t in human form anymore).

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