Da Capo II Season 2 – 08

Sakura tells Otome the truth behind the tree and the accidents happening all around town.


Wow……….This episode was absolutely incredible. First off there is the HUGE bombshell that Yoshiyuki was created by a wish Sakura made and then we get Sakura sacrificing herself more or less to save his life all in one episode. I could see this kind of development being the main story of the season, but we still have plenty of episodes to go. I can’t wait to find out what more there will be.

Yume seemed to have a very important part in this episode that wasn’t concluded at all. It didn’t involve the other stuff going on, but we saw what seemed to be another vision of hers of saying goodbye to Yoshiyuki. She had the vision and Yoshiyuki saw it since that’s one of his abilities to see others’ dreams. That’s why she was acting all nice, because she didn’t want to leave with being mean to the one she likes. Still, I will be almost pissed off at the show if she actually does leave. I hope they can somehow change that. They have kind of stated how it’s impossible to change the future but it seems odd they would say that and then in the end indeed prove that right. I right now want Yume to e the one he ends up with, so I really hope she stays.

I have to say that in general I am just blown away impressed with this season and series. I never expected this to be this good. The first season wasn’t that great. Even disregarding any complaints about it ending too soon, which it didn’t since it has this season; it was still filled with mostly fluff. Some rather uninteresting development and happenings that progressed the story of some characters that in the end I didn’t really seem to care about. However especially after this episode of this season, I’m blown away. I couldn’t have even hoped for this season to be this good. I almost cried when Sakura disappeared into the tree. That’s a character I really care about. She was probably the most important character of the first season of the first series and was very important in the second season as well. Then in this series which is mostly independent due to the time gap, she reappears which was amazing to see. Then she is again the center of some of the stuff going on yet sacrifices herself. I just fell in love with her character and seeing her go like this was a major shock and really made this season all the more interesting.

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  1. Poor, poor Sakura. The things she wanted wasn’t given to her completely, and the things she did only failed. In essence, this trouble is all her fault. She created the imperfect tree and its magic. But I can’t blame her, her intentions were pure and she really would have deserved her own happiness.

    She lost in Da Capo, now she loses again in Da Capo II.

  2. Man, that tree was the focal point of the story in D.C. I bet, it will revive itself sometime in the future as it alone had the power to create life (Yoshiyuki). Well, someone should really seal that thing for good. Sakura, you reap what you sow.

  3. Woah woah woah what the hell do you mean?

    Sakura never did anything wrong. Her grandmother made the first tree which granted all wishes. She sacrificed the one thing that connected her to her only family in order to save the life of a girl who would take her only love away from her.

    Then when she was cursed by a subconscious wish to be young forever and loosing all ties she had and being lonely, she makes a tree so she could bring happiness to others like her grandmother did. Seeing as how she is alone in the world she gives life to a little boy so she can effectively have a child and not be cursed with one of the worst imaginable curses of an endless life and you are putting her down!? She didn’t make the thing to do bad things, she made it to share joy. THEN to save someone else’s life she sacrifices herself. She NEVER did anything wrong.

  4. Yeah, I was really sad to see Sakura go too. It was nice to see her do the “charging complete” hug one last time.

    I admit that initially I was a little less impressed with the pace of this series compared to the first one. It seemed to just slowly eliminate the romantic prospects in a rather laid-back manner. This recent turn of events has really made the wait worth it. I’m really in to this series now.

    I don’t want to spoil anything, but if this episode almost made you cry, then grab a box of tissues for the next one…

  5. Sakura!!! she´s my favorite character in all the series (kotori end aisia too) but i really like her i feel sorry for her and i spect she comes back.
    i don´t understand why junichi cut his hair can somebody explain me?
    i dont want to spoil anything, i have already seen all the series and there are some misteries that never answered in the series and the end wasnt complete at all.there were some rumors of da capo 3 and i think they must do it u.u SAKURA YOU´LL BE ALWAYS IN MY HEART!!!!

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