Macross Frontier – 08

Ranka transfers to Altoh’s school where she hopes to spend more time with him, but they are met by Sheryl.


I wasn’t too impressed with this episode. In fact I’d say its one of the worst ones so far. The animation level certainly did drop, and I’m not one to notice that kind of thing easily, still this was enough for me to be a bit bothered by it. Also, it seemed like a lot of the episode was filled with ridiculous slapstick happening. Its one thing for the episode to be comedy and romance centered, which I would really like to see, however this one seemed a lot more useless then it could have been, which was a disappointment. I just hope they can touch on some of the issues they had in this episode but in a more serious way later on.

I still find the romance aspect of this show to be the most interesting. Not that the show doesn’t have a great story otherwise, in fact its one of the more interesting stories I’ve seen in a while and its only a little ways in, however I think what will ultimately determine how this show fares for me will be the romance aspect. Although I want Ranka to win because I like her character more, I also want her to win because I think it will be a better way for the series to go. I feel like Sheryl is already too confident in herself and has too much going for her. Ranka is the one who needs Altoh. It would be a much sadder thing to see Ranka end up alone then it would be for Sheryl.

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  1. I take it this is your first Macross series? Romance is a staple of the series, along with mecha-action… since the power of love and human beings is what drives the series and OVA’s, from the first (Super Dimensional Fortress Macross) to the most recent which was a prequel (Zero). Personally, I couldn’t care less who ends up with Alto, if anyone does – the romance is a part of it, but it doesn’t BREAK the series if it goes one way or another.

    The problem right now is Ranka NEEDS Alto, rather than wanting Alto to be there as it makes things much better… which means that, until she can break free of the dependency, they can’t be equals or partners. Currently, Sheryl’s ‘leading’ the race because she has the same confidence Alto has with regards to herself and her place in life, which means she can interact with him on a more mature level (if only slightly). Once Ranka finds herself, the way Sheryl had to way back when (as she hinted to Ranka in Ep 3), things should go much more smoothly for her, even with Leon’s interference.

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