Special A ~S.A.~ – 07

The S.A. holds a contest to determine where they will take a trip and Kei also uses it as a way to find out what Yahiro said to Hikari.


This episode was alright, but honestly I was quite disappointed with the end result. The episode as a whole was alright, it had a lot of rather ridiculous humor and comedy movements which seem like they will be present throughout the series, but that’s not what bothered me. I can live with the unrealistic moments showing Kei’s strength but I was disappointed with the extreme lack of romance. They had an amazing chance with the whole Yahiro telling Hikari thing yet they just threw it all away. Hikari is way too oblivious for this show to have any sense of that quality. Kei knowing that Hikari knows would have been a great opportunity, but Hikari then laughing about it and dismissing it saying it can’t be true is ridiculous. With that kind of behavior it will never get good romance.

I just hope there will be more romance chance later on. I’m sure if they bring back Yahiro he will point some things out some more and it could stimulate more of that, but honestly after they just pretty much dismissed this great opportunity they had here I don’t really have any hope left for good romance in this series. At this point I just hope it has enough other good points like some of the completely ridiculous comedy. It has some alright comedy moments but without the romance it doesn’t amount to much.

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  1. What did you expect, honestly? You should’ve realized by now that Hikari IS extremely dense in romance department as an iron, and she would probably be able to take a brick on her head with a note that says “I love you -Kei” and she still won’t get it. But I found this switch of roles where a guy gets “active” and a girl being dense a welcome change. Especially after seeing all those romance animes where it’s actually the other way around.

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