D. Gray-Man – 84

Krory continues to fight Jasdevi after nearly dieing, giving the others time to get to the last room where Tykki and Road await.


Wow…this episode was huge. It definitely makes up for some of the previous episodes that were just full of fluff and useless stuff when they were fighting Jasdero and Devit before. I was just amazed and stunned throughout the whole episode. During the fight my mouth was hanging open the entire time. Blood Krory was simply amazing. It’s a shame to see him die though. Even though he wasn’t really my favorite character, especially when they showed the brief flashback it made me sad to see him go. I really don’t see them getting around him dieing much. Miranda sensed it on her time thing and the place hew as in collapsed so it looks like he’s gone, but he went out in a great way. The only thing I’m a bit disappointed with was that it almost seems as if the twins could be alive. It’s not certain that they are dead. Even if they are I think it would have been more apparent, like them collapsing in the room. The way it is now, they could say that the “tower” part of the ark includes the room they fell into, leaving them alive. If they are alive it’s a big waste of Krory’s life I think.

The rest of the episode was pretty good as well. I was certainly shocked at that kiss Road gave Allen. That was absolutely unexpected. It looks like the serious and really good episodes wont’ stop, as next episode they seem to get right back at things with the fights. Lavi seems to oddly face himself or something, while Allen faces Tykki. Hopefully he fares a lot better then before, but something tells me it won’t be a complete one sided battle in favor of Allen.

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  1. The Road-Allen kiss was very well done in my opinion. It was a total shocker, but it makes sense considering the past couple of episodes Road’s been planning her “meeting” with him. XD

    I’m sad to see Krory go, but you’d have to be a magician or something to reverse the effects of an IRON MAIDEN, you know? ;_; The Twins were appropriately wicked after they got serious, and it makes me wonder what will happen to them next…

  2. With Krory this death does seem more final. Though Miranda’s time record seemed unreliable as a death call since she reacted well before he appeared to die. But his situation does seem fairly final since he didn’t have that much keeping him alive. In his view did manage to protect Allen from Jasdevi and that’s what his intention was when he took on the fight himself. Blood Krory was just insane, but just shows what innocence is capable of. His blood was completely unstoppable which was needed to win the day.

    Really doubt Jasdevi is dead. Seemed to be Road locked up the door to keep those two from interfering with her and Tyki. When the group was traveling through that passage it didn’t seem to be in danger of collapse so they should be alright. I don’t think it was a waste since Krory accomplished what he set out to do. He may not have killed them (or maybe he did), but they won’t be an issue for a while. Just like you don’t expect all the exorcists to die in their fights, some Noah will likely survive.

    What is coming up looks pretty crazy. The others at the very least believe Krory and Kanda are dead. Allen is ready for a real fight against Tyki. Lavi and Kanda both got to take the guy on so now its Allen’s turn to show off what his new abilities are capable of. With only one more Noah left I’d assume Lavi will be taking on Road. Considering what happened with Yager way back, and Allen Lenalee even further back she is pretty dangerous with her powers.

  3. well episode rocked was just like the manga even tho he so called “died” in the end like they wud kill off the main characters .Krory kicked ass in the end well big fight next week cant wait to see tiki mikk awaken form and the sword of excorism annnd allen vs lavi fight. Lots of things to look forward for

  4. I liked how they showed the shock on the faces of all the characters when Road gave Allen that kiss (though I thought Lenalee would have used that pouting face of hers), because on the manga they never showed the reaction of the characters when that happened.

    I’m kind of surprised that we gotten to this point in the anime so face, I honestly thought that they would beat around the bush a bit more (maybe 3-4 more weeks) before they would get to this point.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to these next few episodes, the Allen vs. Tykki match up shall be really good and I’m looking forward to seeing it in action.


  5. A great episode, but I’m sure -as with Kanda- Krory isn’t dead. As a typical Shonen anime (though not as predictable as Bleach) none of the characters die until something really major happens near the end of the whole show. I haven’t read the manga but I’m sure Kanda and Krory will be saved with Allen reviving the ark, their innocence saving them or something similar.
    Not to say that this episode wasn’t epic though. It was simply awesome – although I personally think the the animation in D.Gray-man fights are always below the level I want. I’d prefer them to have not-so-good animation on normal fights and awesome animation for epic fights like this. Kinda like Bleach, where most of the time its only average animation but the epic ones (Ichigo vs Grimmjow ep 166) was simply jaw-dropping.

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