Itazura na Kiss – 07

Kotoko and the others in her class prepare for their graduation day.


Wow, this episode’s end was great. I wasn’t expecting things to get hat serious and… big. The preview did lend me to hope for some serious focus, as it showed them yelling but I didn’t think it would involve something like that. Even without the kiss their conversation was pretty big. Kotoko was pretty emotional about how Naoki just kept throwing her feelings away like they were nothing, making her into a joke. But the kiss just added a ton more onto the situation. The rest of the episode wasn’t that great. There were some parts of it that were alright but for the most part this episode didn’t really get that good until the end. I just wonder what the kiss will mean for the future. Naoki did it without really seeming like he had any feelings, almost to kind of get to her and make things harder on Kotoko, but it was still a kiss.

I’m curious as to what the next episode will bring. One of the really interesting points this show had which made me start watching was that apparently it was going to span ten years, following these characters along. Now, I don’t think the anime will go the entire ten years without a sequel season, but it does seem like some of that long time span will be in affect, as the next episode they are already starting college. So hopefully that small time skip will make things a bit different. The setting will be pretty different and I hope and that may lead to some better serous development. Either way, whatever it brings, it will be interesting to see what changes.

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