Da Capo II Season 2 – 06

Yoshiyuki and Otome try and figure out what is behind the mysteries of the island by reading about mysterious events that happened 50 years ago.


Wow, this episode was absolutely huge. I wasn’t expecting this series to pick up as much as it did. Certainly not this early on. This episode was big because they really got at what the problem was. The Da Capo series are really focused on magic and now that that is their main focus in this season it seems like things will continue to get interesting. However what I absolutely loved the most from this episode was the continual references to the fist Da Capo series. All the talk of the events being urban legends in this series’s time was great. It was so cool to see the series is more connected. Talking about a cat turning human, Yoriko, and someone reading people’s minds, Kotori. The one thing I’m still really really confused about is why the tree is in bloom right now. It was originally in bloom, then Sakura withered it, then Aisha restored it then she did SOMETHING that made the magic vanish. It was a bit unclear when she did it if she withered the tree or just made her memory vanish from others. It’s possible she just did the memory thing which would leave the tree around, but if she did the memory thing and wither the tree then something else caused it to bloom again.

I was very surprised to find out that Anzu had made a wish like that. I was a bit confused as to why her parents would leave her like they did but didn’t really think it was because of some memory problem. Although I don’t think this will play a huge role, it is still pretty damn important. Not really right now and not even for Anzu, but if they go though the series and eventually have to destroy the tree and wither it so its magic goes away, in order to stop all the bad things from happening, it would take away the wishes granted. It did in the first Da Capo, people lost the magic, so if they do it here then Anzu’s memory will go back to being bad and if they realize that themselves it will be interesting to see how they deal with that roadblock.

3 thoughts on “Da Capo II Season 2 – 06”

  1. The stakes are higher this time around if the tree really does go down…

    It ain’t just a roadblock; its more like the Berlin Wall.

  2. What’s weird is that they relegated Nanaka by not tying her up with the Da Capo magic like Anzu. I mean, she is also supposed to be a mind reader.

  3. This episode was really awesome, I really liked Junichis talk about the past events.

    I dont expect Nanaka to play a big role anymore, I think the one Nanaka-episode in S1 is all we are going to get there ;_;

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