D. Gray-Man – 83

Krory stays behind to fight Jasdevi as the others escape through the door.


Wow, this episode was huge. I wasn’t expecting things to escalade this much in such a short amount of time, even with the appearance of them now being fused. I thought they would take their time for a bit and go a bit slower but I’m extremely glad they didn’t. I was just continuously impressed with Krory’s fighting. I never really thought very highly of him because he never seemed to do much but it seems he has a lot more then just biting people.

I’m curious as to what Road said about Jasdevi’s fusing is also their greatest weakness. I was wondering if they would somehow use the rather clichéd method of making the two enemies who are kind of acting as one fight against each other and argue and disagree. They may not have done that exactly but with what road said about blaming each other for being too close might be something along those lines that they have yet to show.

I’m really looking forward to the next episode. It seems like it will for the most part be all serious and take the fighting up to even another level. I did think it was just amazingly cool how Krory’s hands became stronger and more dangerous after being covered in blood. Now we effectively see that same thing applied to his entire body it looks like. I was thinking he could have done some kind of armor thing by smearing his blood around but from the preview it seems to be much much more then that. I’m mostly anxious to find out if he dies or not though. Even if he supposedly dies like Kanda, he has a lot less reasons why he may come back and turn out to be not dead. He doesn’t have the same kind of motivation behind needing to live like Kanda showed and he doesn’t have as much of an unexplained back-story. I see it being entirely possible that after the next episode, he dies.

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  1. Xebek, that dialogue which Road explained about Jasdevi’s strength and weakness never happened in the manga. On the other hand, I’m happy with that addition because it sums up an unexpected element for this fight yet to be seen. However, I agree with you that the writers should and must not put something clichéd.

  2. Krory does have the problem of not having as many reasons to be sticking around. The person he cared most about is gone. Also it seems like there aren’t really any secrets about him left to be revealed either. But won’t bury the guy yet since we haven’t seen the next episode yet.

    Do wonder about what Road said there. True their power comes from imagination and I guess if they aren’t thinking along the same lines there could be trouble. I’m sure it will make sense once the fight continues next episode.

    Really went through the manga chapters in this fight. At the start didn’t seem like anyone could even touch Jasdevi. Took Krory taking in a large amount of Chomesuke’s blood to get strong enough to match him. Would have died if he had drank the last bottle, but doubt that the method he’ll use in the next episode will be any better for his health.

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