Macross Frontier – 06

Altoh is called to fight against the Vajra after everyone learns that Macross Galaxy, Sheryl’s home, was attacked by them.


This episode was great. I find myself continually impressed with this series. Not only is it a good all around series so far but unlike other shows that I may say are great overall there hasn’t been a lot of boring useless moments. I’m really impressed with the amount of content they show that isn’t just fluff. Even some of the lighter moments that focus on romance have a more important meaning later on.

I realize I’ve said this before but I’m going to have to say it again and I can tell I’m going to say it pretty much every post about this series but I really hope Ranka is the one who ends up with Altoh. It’s not because I dislike Sheryl, which used to be the case. I don’t’ hate her at all anymore really but I still would be devastated if Ranka didn’t end up with Altoh. I’m getting kind of scared about that because Altoh is spending a lot more meaningful time with Sheryl then Ranka, talking about hating the Frontier, talking about her past on Galaxy, and getting that good luck charm. Even the time Altoh did spend with Ranka only ended up seemingly devastating her as he lied about being alone when she knew he was with Sheryl.

Aside form the romance though, things are progressing very impressively. As I said above there doesn’t seem to be a lot of fluff and filler, a lot of the stuff they show is important and the show is progressing very fast while not feeling rushed. The only thing I can hope for now is that the story ends up being more complicated. It’s not bad now, but ideally I hope for things to be more then just a straight forward overall mission to defeat these bugs, which I have high hopes for.

8 thoughts on “Macross Frontier – 06”

  1. No matter who Alto ends up with it’s win all around for me. I would find it enjoyable either way.

    But that does not mean I don’t have a preference. I would like the idol to win to mix things up. Can’t the idol be famous and get the guy? It’s not like Ranka is skill-less. She has potential to be an idol also.

  2. no need to be worried because Ranka will end up with ALtoh. If you follow anime history, the girl who’s featured the most in the inro and ending sequence usually ends up with the main character. So u have nothin to worry about on that front. Although I would prefer sheryl over ranka but if we follow anime history, he will end up with Ranka……………

  3. I don’t think we can rely on anime history alone. Afterall it looks like this show will MAKE anime history and not just follow it. I don’t know about you, but from what I see of the intro and the entire series the makers of this series spend alot of time to make this Macross Triangle really well done. You got to remember many of Macross fans may have watched all the older Macross series, well these guys went out and made them from scratch. They made there mistakes and prefected the art. As Xedo stated in this blog there is practically little fluff or filler in this show as if every frame has been carefully planed and crafted out. Now after realizing that you think they are gonna spoil all the work by revealing who Alto hooks up with a pretty little anime intro?

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