Itazura na Kiss – 06

Naoki prepares to go to the entrance exams for Tokyo University and Kotoko tries everything she can to cheer him on and help him out.


This episode was really good. I found myself really drawn into it even though there wasn’t a lot of serious stuff happening. It surprises me a bit looking back at how happy and anxious I was as some simple small things happened. I think Kotoko is an amazing character and I definitely found myself routing for her several times. Naoki’s still a complete jerk but this episode definitely not only showed that there are some redeeming qualities about him, but that he isn’t simple. I found myself caring a lot more about the dilemma they brought up before about not knowing what he wanted to do and thought it was very interesting how he choose to not go to the entrance exam. I hope they explore that a bit more. Although it’s important to make him nicer so you can like the character and Kotoko can end up with him, it’s also important that all that was for a reason.

The preview for the next episode did pique my interest. Although this episode seemed to end on a rather fun and light hearted note, and a lot of the preview seemed like the show would continue with that it had what looked to be a fairly serious moment. Although this show is usually good even with the light hearted moments and even the ones where the main characters aren’t angry at each other, I think that when the show does show those moments like back when Kotoko slapped Naoki are a lot better. This episode was one of the better ones I thought, but some of those serious moments can really make it a lot better. Most shoujo shows seem to be like that. They have plenty of material for more or less the same kind of things with love and comedy even to the point of it not getting boring however when they go above that like mostly all of them can, it becomes all the more better.

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  1. Actually, I have a different opinion about Irie-kun. I think his sarcastic personality is one of the coolest aspect of this show. The other is the ‘baka’ but ever persistent Kotoko…They somehow complement each other!

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