Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 05

Jil and his group make their way though and past several bizarre humorous traps set by an insane magician long ago.


This episode was great. It seems like the kind of big comedy focus the first episode had wasn’t a one time thing. I found this entire episode to be just hilarious. All the different traps were great, the interaction between the group members, and the performance thing at the end. This was a great episode. It seems that this show doesn’t really have a hard time mixing some great comedy with some more serious action parts. The traps were great. I loved the gender swap thing and the way Melt and Jil were acting. Some of the other ones like the Coopa trap was good too.

There wasn’t much more to this episode except comedy. It was pretty much just them going though a bunch of humorous traps, nothing serious, nothing mysterious revealed, and so on. I do think that we’ll see future episodes like this one as well as some small comedy moments in episodes that aren’t purely comedy centered, but asides fort he comedy this episode didn’t have that much else.

4 thoughts on “Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 05”

  1. Actually, they did reveal something in this episode. We know that Neeba learned the Roper dance from watching Jil learning from their dad. It’s raises questions as to if Jil was the favored child. Despite this being a comedy episode, it developed Neeba a little.

  2. One crazy episode to be sure. Was really heavy on the comedy aspect that’s for sure. I’ll forgive saving budget in putting parts of the episode in 2-D :).

    Did get to learn a bit about the family situation with Neeba and Jil. Was just overall pretty entertaining for a laugh. Not sure how many episodes like that you will get, but still nice to just watch and enjoy.

    I thought the cat imitation was good enough to get them through :). But honestly would have started attacking that stupid gate after all of that.

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