D. Gray-Man – 82

Allen and the others try and fight against Jasdevi and overcome the Illusion Spectacles placed on them.


This episode was alright. They had some more action moments then last time, but for the most part it was still the same non serious fight. I called the fusion appearance exactly. I said that the fusion Jasdevi which was shown in the preview of last episode would probably just mean it will appear at the very end of the episode and then end, which is exactly what happened. I still think there is way too much humor and comedy for where this show is in its development. Kanda just died, supposedly, giving a HUGE couple of episodes with his fight and dramatic supposed end, and then they pretty much cheapen it with all this. I can just hope that now that Jasdevi has merged we’ll get something more serious. I am expecting Crowley to do something along the lines that Kanda did and face Jasdevi himself while the others go though the door. It has the potential to be action packed and dramatic like Kanda’s bit.

Jasdevi made an interesting note about Lavi and the whole Bookman thing. Although it’s already been explained that the Bookman clan are just recorders of history, that even if they are on one side they are supposed to be there to record. Jasdevi said something along the lines of Bookman being on the exorcists’ side this time. He said “this time” which gave me the impression that a previous bookman was on the Akuma side or something. I’m curious as to if more about that will be revealed. They didn’t put too much emphasis on it and I don’t think it would end up being that important even if they did reveal something, but it should be interesting.

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  1. Cool transformation it definidly lokks like a serious fight could be coming so lets hope that they make it good

  2. Cool episode watched it this morning. The Bookman situation with Lavi is that they aren’t supposed to really get involved with the battles they are to record all that goes on. If a situation arises that they are pulled into the battle then they have to right to partake. The manga is way ahead and somethings are happening that you wouldn’t believe but I let you all enjoy the anime.

  3. Well on the light hearted note the characters don’t know about Kanda. I’m still not sure either way his fate though all evidence seems to point towards his death. Everyone is reacting the way they would. Admitting the twins know about Skin and maybe this sick game is part of how they are dealing with it.

    I think this is different from the Kanda situation. Honestly believed Kanda could take down Skin one-on-one despite being a Noah. Would be really close but had that faith. This situation looks more like Krory getting in the way while everyone runs away like hell. He just doesn’t seem to be a match at all. Before he had an edge in being able to pummel those two around, but their combined form seems a lot tougher on that front.

    83 should be something regardless. After what probably happened to Kanda I’m not liking the odds on Krory. He took a bad hit at the end of the episode so we’ll have to wait and see. Its a power the Earl felt comfortable sending against Cross after all.

  4. I’m sure Kanda is dead. They keep referring to the “someone” he must meet and how he can’t die before that time. Since it’s been of huge importance whenever Kanda is on screen I’m sure they won’t let him die before that. On the other hand I agree that Krory doesn’t even seem like a match for Jasdevi, he’s never shown any particular skills.
    On the actual episode, it was still a filler but much better than the last two episodes in terms of animation and the fights. Next week might even be impressice ;P!

  5. Didn’t think the episode was really that filler. Well at least came from the manga and think they actually went through a couple chapters in this. Guess the duo wanted to have some fun and that their combined form would just finish it pretty quickly. Just a different personality from Skin who was pure rage and Kanda was actually powerful enough to go well against him like that.

    Krory really has the disadvantage of his only real move being to bite the opponent. Trying to get into that close a range is really tough. Seems he can put some power behind physical strikes, but honestly hasn’t been that effective. At least as a Noah Jasdevi’s skin should be thin enough to bite through. All about not dying first, which may be an impossible task.

    Well if Kanda is ok I can’t wait to see how they explain it.

  6. nice written impressiona and all but u got to realize that, that what the manga artist had plan for her manga so u can,t expect anything else. Thought the episode was great done exactly to the manga was really awesome plus like to see a little comedy in between like how one piece does do it

  7. bah just watched 83…its a good episode but we still have to wait another week for a conclusion to the jasdevi arc….

    bah when will allen rock my soul? i don’t get it he was able to match up with the earl like they were on equal terms but he is having a shit load of trouble with jasdevi (i mean he simply gets pummeled and cant fight back)? doesn’t make any sense…

    oh well…

  8. honestly bobofet manga and anime were different they had an add-on fight in the anime. manga allen get overwhelm but hold he own besides u feel that allen can ever match the earl so soon and couldn’t beat the earl with the sword of excorism or even come close to he level or tiki

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