Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 04

Jil’s party tries to fight against the monsters of the tower, but begin struggling on only their first day.


This episode wasn’t too bad. It didn’t really offer anything huge or epic, but it wasn’t useless either. It seems like it has a steady pace going, now that they are actually in the tower and all. I’m sure for a long time we will see episodes that are somewhat identical to this one. Even so, as long as it is somewhat interesting I don’t think I’ll mind if it has bits of repetition, as it was interesting and fun to watch the party kind of grow in strength and experience. It is very reminiscent of an RPG and being a fan of those games, this is fun to watch.

Of course, every episode so far seems to like to throw in mysteries that make characters more interesting. This episode it was Neeba and the weird ghost girl. I’m sure they won’t actually explain what the hell that was about until near the very end of the series, but it’ll keep me wondering now. It seems like the two of them were rather close, and I’m kind of guessing she’s dead and it’s a ghost talking to him. It may have something to do with her comment that Neeba doesn’t care if his party members live or die. Perhaps she was his party member before and died.

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