Macross Frontier – 04

Ranka participates in the Miss Macross contest and Altoh begins his training as a member of the SMS.


This episode was pretty good. I would definitely say after watching this, if I was a bit unsure last episode, that after seeing this I can say that Macross Frontier is my favorite show of the new season. There are just several things going on that make it interesting and they all tie together. Hell, we haven’t even gotten to anything that serious yet and it’s still drawing me in, so I can’t wait for more.

I’m curious as to what the story is between Altoh and his dad. His dad is obviously a somewhat important person in society, or he wouldn’t be judging the contest. However more then that the look Altoh and his dad shared was quite interesting I thought. Altoh seemed a bit scared of him in a somewhat comical way yet his dad seemed like he detested Altoh and said that he didn’t know him. I’m not sure how this relates to him playing the princess role, if he did it and his dad thought badly of him because of it or if his dad is the one who made him do it, which would explain Altoh being scared of him and that role that’s associated with him. I’m sure it won’t be a major topic, but its something I hope they touch on.

It seems like next episode we’ll see Sheryl hang out with Altoh for a while. Even if she is just going to see him for the earring, they seem to spend time together so it’s not like she just yells at him for it right away and that’s it. It will be interesting to see what kind of jealousy this invokes in Ranka if she finds out and if any hint of something serious might appear between Sheryl and Altoh. Although I want Altoh to end up with Ranka, for it to be a love triangle there has to be more of a connection then there is right now.

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  1. I could be wrong, but I believe it was said or implied earlier that Alto’s father is a famous kabuki actor (we saw a poster), and Alto was trained to play female roles in kabuki (“Princess”), but decided to abandon that to become a pilot, so his father is disgusted with him and tells the attendant he doesn’t know him.

  2. Really is a pretty heavy relationship with Altoh and his father. Have to agree that his choice to leave the Kabuki role and go into piloting would really anger his father. Clearly its a major tradition and his family is probably pretty famous for the actors they’ve produced over the years. Altoh was probably very good at it, but at some point didn’t want to have anything to do with it anymore. Playing the role of a girl probably isn’t for everyone. At the very least seems to be a mixture of fear of his father and wanting to show him just what he is capable of. Clearly Altoh’s dad can be a very intimidating person, probably tying in with what Mikhail said about him running away. If I had a father like that would probably want to get far away as well.

    Are working on the bonds in the triangle. This episode showed how Altoh is a source of confidence for Ranka. That email managed to get her ready to step forward. Also Altoh seems to want to protect Ranka and does care about her. So have done alright to build something between the two of them in the first four episodes.

    Next week does seem to be the chance for Sheryl to get closer to Altoh as well. Earring is of course the excuse, but considering how much time they seem to spend together in that episode should be more than that. Should be an interesting episode.

    Nice song this week I thought. This really is one of my favourite series of the new season.

  3. Alto’s dad is Ranzo Saotome, who is the current head of that Kabuki family which Alto belongs to. Mikhail has been the one to rag upon Alto-hime about running away from things, which is why he opposed his joining SMS – Alto went into flight school to run away from his family tradition, and Mikhail’s opinion in Episode 3 was that Alto would do the same, thus leading to the death of someone in Skull Squadron when he finally broke.

    AS for the triangle, it’s developing slowly – Sheryl doesn’t seem displeased at the thought of spending time around Alto… and neither is Ranka. They latter two have started developing their friendship, reaching out to people who are outside of their immediate circle of school or family, to the benefit of both – Alto’s found a reason to stop running from things (which is ironically Ozma’s reason: to protect Ranka from the Vajra), and Ranka’s found someone outside of her family who accepts her as she is, and believes in her. Well, him and Sheryl.

    Now the FUN part is going to be watching Sheryl and Ranka interact, so we can have a bit of triangle action going… since if they’re friends, or mentor/student, then it’ll be more interesting if they realize the other’s also interested in Alto in a more-than-friends way, should that happen.

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