D. Gray-Man – 81

Allen and the other exorcists continue to fight against Jasdevi as they make their way though the Ark.


This episode was alright. It had its fun moments but wanting the show to get to some of the more serious stuff was keeping me from liking it as much as I could have. I do have to admit the debt thing was really hilarious. They really focused on it now and didn’t just casually mention it. The story of Jasdevi getting roped into all that work was funny and then of course hearing Allen’s own tale was great too. Still, even though this episode had some really good comedy with the debt I really hope they just stop with it now. They’ve done enough for now plus they are doing this comedy in the middle of some serious stuff so it just seems out of place for now.

It seems like the next episode the two of them will finally merge into one person/being so hopefully things get more interesting then. However thinking about the way this show handles things I’m more inclined to say that in the last five minutes they will merge into one, or even the last 30 seconds. I am rather sure that once they merge things will be much more serious, so I kind of just want that to happen already.

4 thoughts on “D. Gray-Man – 81”

  1. Yeah can agree with that. With what happened to Kanda a couple episodes ago, having a comedy time right now almost doesn’t seem right. Know they are taking the time to spread things out a little bit and give some breathing room in regards to the manga, but still let’s get this fight going already.

  2. I don’t mind fillers but two pointless episodes in a row is kind of overdoing it >_

  3. *sorry for double post, but it didn’t accept my comment properly*

    – not that I didn’t enjoy the fillers (it had me laughing really hard at one point), but I wish they’d introduce it at more approproate times. The animation quality seemed much lower than the Kanda episodes too, although its filler so thats very understandable.
    I agree with your comment that the next episode probably won’t get serious until the last 30 seconds – they’d want to end it at a cliffhanger…

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