Macross Frontier – 03

Altoh, Ranka, and Sheryl take cover from the alien attack, and Altoh questions his future regarding the special forces unit he’s encountered.


This episode was great. I would have to say that this show is my favorite of the new season. There are a lot of things going on and they are all pretty interesting. Ranka has a great back story of tragedy that I’m sure they will continue to touch on; there is a general theme of protecting people and sacrifice, and great possibility for romance. This episode wasn’t too big, as the show is still getting started but even though it didn’t have anything that big in it, it caught my attention enough to make it interesting.

I’m curious as to how Ranka and Altoh are going to end up spending more time together, hell, Sheryl too. It seems that they’ve kind of taken separate paths. Unlike some anime, it’s not like they are both on some smaller ship together and have no choice if they want to be around each other. They seem to have their own things going on at the end of this episode, Altoh being in the special forces thing and Ranka being kept away form that life and pursuing her singing dream. Romance seems to be a big topic in other Macross series, and considering the OP talks about romance I’m sure there has to be something. It will almost be more interesting to see how they are brought together. The ship they are on now is huge, like a normal city, and it’s not like they go to school together. Either they will somehow be brought together in a smaller place and spend more time or they will just keep running into each other, and I don’t see how the latter can happen very easily.

One thought on “Macross Frontier – 03”

  1. Is going to be interesting how they meet up throughout the series. Sheryl still has the earring excuse to go see Altoh again. She got a little distracted last time. Sooner or later she will meet up for the sake of wanting to spend time with him. Clearly Sheryl and Ranka should meet up a few times with Ranka entering that contest. Do think Altoh and Ranka go to the same school even if they aren’t in the same class so meetings there wouldn’t be impossible. Otherwise its up to the random events of life to see how things develop.

    Like how Sheryl and Ranka have had interesting interactions with Altoh. Both have pretty distinct personalities and when they match up with Altoh’s there is a different result. Clearly Altoh and Sheryl would have the more….vibrant relationship. Bickering and just pretty emotional debates would probably come up. Ranka is more of a calmer kind of thing. Sure some teasing like in this episode, but that relationship would be less of the heavy bickering you’d get with Sheryl. Could see both ending up with him, though admit I’m pulling for Ranka.

    Altoh and Ranka are now embarking on new stages of their lives. Altoh is getting into the SMS as a pilot. Trying to grow from a person that doesn’t really want to rely on others and wants to stand on his own. Ranka is entering that competition to let her songs out there. Understand that the life of a rising star has its own difficulties. Sheryl is staying on her course but will have her own troubles I’m sure.

    Overall this is probably the best series that has gotten started. Also some very good ones so wouldn’t say its without some competition. Will enjoy seeing where things go.

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