Itazura na Kiss – 04

Kotoko and her friends all go to the pool over their summer vacation and Naoki’s mother sets it up so Naoki goes as well.


This episode was alright. There wasn’t anything too drastically big in it, as the show really seems to be slowly progressing things, but in a good way. Still, nothing too special about this episode. I did find the bit with Naoki’s brother interesting. Even though he still wrote in his journal thing that Kotoko is pathetic, he seemed to warm up a bit to her after she saved him. I’m curious to what other progression they are going to give to him, considering he really isn’t an important character at all.

I was really interested in the comment at the end made by Naoki. Him thinking to himself, “Why am I getting so worked up” was pretty interesting. Although its no where near anything serious yet, it does show that he is changing somewhat. Right now it doesn’t mean anything, I certainly wouldn’t even begin to think he actually likes her, but it’s interesting to see how he is slowly changing. In reality a change would be slow and progressive like that. I think what is going to really make this show a lot better and just great overall is if they can make that progression of him more interesting. Although as it stands now I hate his character, if they were to realistically change him it would not only cure the part of the show I have a bit of a problem with but it would be great for being able to show a change like that.

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  1. Have to say Kotoko has an interesting future ahead. Book smarts aren’t that high to get her into a great job in Japanese society nor can she cook, so may not survive if left on her own :). But at least she’s got a good personality.

    Has been good development for the little brother. At the start he was kicked out of his room due to Kotoko’s arrival. So at that point he was pretty anti-Kotoko. But has started to like her a little bit, though even he will need time. Nice job with the journal in how he kept it consistent by talking about him saving her. Of course then Kotoko changes the end so it makes her look better.

    Amazing thing is she snuck into his room to get notes that I knew she wouldn’t be able to understand by herself. After all that happened she actually roped Naoki into helping her copy his notes :), or at least helping to understand the work.

    True I don’t think he’s at the level of liking her yet. But started to accept her into his life and is feeling her presence. Being able to get him worked up is just one step in right direction. Hopefully he is developed in the right way that he is more likable eventually.

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