Special A ~S.A.~ – 03

Hikari is forced to make a bento for Kei because of loosing the challenge the two of them had.


This episode was great. It is easily the best episode so far of the series. There seems to be a lot of people who hates this series which I don’t quite understand. Even before this episode, I wouldn’t consider this series bad it just hasn’t really offered anything insanely unique, which doesn’t make it bad. It might stop it from reaching super amazing epic standings, but it doesn’t make the show bad. I quite liked it and this episode just enforced that, this wasn’t the episode that completely changed my mind or anything. I just think it’s a nice show to watch. Its not super serious or anything, but it has some nice moments, some comedy, and some interesting characters.

I absolutely loved this episode because of the amount of serious content it had. Although it still hasn’t reached a huge level of romance seriousness to it, it was great. After all, Kei still hasn’t really said anything but it’s becoming a bit more obvious he likes her, however Hikari is way too oblivious to ever notice it herself and she doesn’t seem to be the kind of character that will develop feelings before being confessed too. Still, despite the romance it had some great topic of Kei not having much of a connection to his family. It did have a bit of meaning to it, and wasn’t just completely pointless. I really hope they have more of this kind of focus, as it did work really well.

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