Da Capo II Season 2 – 02

Yoshiyuki takes care of Anzu when she collapses after working too hard on the script for the Christmas party.


This episode was interesting. For the most part it was just focusing on Anzu, which I wasn’t too thrilled about. One of the main things I say is redeeming about the first Da Capo II season is it knocked out two of the girls, giving this season time to really focus on the others. However with focus on the side characters like this, it takes away. Not that this episode was bad though, in fact Anzu had a much more interesting story to her then I would have thought, I just hope they don’t spend too much more time on things like this. They revealed there was a lot of interesting things going on in this episode, so if they don’t spend too much time on things like Anzu or Akane, it’ll get more interesting.

Even though a majority of this episode was focused on Anzu, it was interesting to see the little bit of Yume. She definitely is the Nemu of this series, as Otome seems to fill a bit of a different role. She obviously has feelings for Yoshiyuki, yet is incredibly tsundere so it’ll be interesting to see her try and work around that. She also seems to fill the role of Nemu because of her oblivious nature to the magic that Yoshiyuki and Otome seems to have. Nemu had no idea that Junichi had magic, and it seems to be the case again.

Speaking of magic, I’m really interested in what the hell is going on with that. Otome seems to have it now, and she acted really weirdly to some news of stuff going on. The previous Da Capo series had a strong focus on magic interfering with things, while the first season of Da Capo II didn’t. It seems like its leaning more towards the first series in terms of magic playing a role, so I really want to see this play out.

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