Itazura na Kiss – 03

The school is having their sports festival and both Kotoko and Naoki participate.


This show has certainly become very interesting. It is becoming one of my favorites of this season; however I really think that my hatred for Naoki is holding me back form liking this show as much as I otherwise would. Even though it seemed like he said some redeeming things at the end of this episode, he didn’t really. He was still being a total ass, reading her letter to everyone as it was some joke. I’m not saying I dislike this show now, as Naoki being an ass is part of the set up for this show, but he’s going to have to redeem himself a bit more before I can really say I like this show.

Things are progressing though, I have to say. Although Naoki is still a horrible person right now, he is at least less horrible then I originally thought. He’s not as bad as I thought from seeing the first episode, and he has done some things to show he has a good side. Plus there has been quite a lot of promising hints about even greater progress later on; I just hope that comes soon though.

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  1. Can’t disagree with the Naoki thing. Kind of guy I never liked in anime or real life. Photographic memory so doesn’t need to study, which means he can be incredible in sports as well. Life isn’t fair, but give me a break here.

    I think liking Kotoko is really doing so much for the series. Girl knows how she feels and is breaking out more. Not just taking the hits to her heart, but striking back in words and a slap. Loved how she turned what he did the night before (attempting to upset Kin-chan) in order to ruffle his feathers.

    Will enjoy when his character gets a serious adjustment. Slap I think was important to strike home that you can’t just treat people’s feelings like that. Just need to keep on striking away at those negative qualities. Will be a whole lot better of a series when he’s less of a jerk.

    Still feeling this could be a really good series.

  2. It’s my top series this season.. I look forward to this more than anything else… Kotoko is definitely the thing that makes this show great… Yay swimsuit episode next week.. I still like Kotoko in a ponytail the best… Ponytails turn me on..heh

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