Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 03 (Loli Alert!)

Jil escapes form the castle after witnessing the assassination of Gilgamesh only to find out later that he is fine.


I definitely think this show is getting more interesting. Although it has pretty much been decided that the show won’t be weird and humor only like the first episode. However with the way it’s playing out I find it very interesting. It seems to have the good makings of an interesting fantasy anime, and there aren’t too many serious fantasy anime that are good.

I am curious as to what Ishara’s, the oracle, relationship to Gilgamesh is. They obviously knew each other, and even more she seemed to know something about some higher going ons that were happening. Gilgamesh held her face as if they were close, so maybe a father or grandfather or something even more complicated. Hell, I’m almost thinking she was with Gilgamesh when he defeated Druaga. Although it seemed like it was Jil in the dream with her, it was most probably Gilgamesh, as she did call him “Gil” Still, whether or not the girl is her or her mother is uncertain. I’m thinking its her, which disappoints me only because it makes the chance of romance between Jil and her much less, plus for some reason she hasn’t aged. Regardless of what it is I’m sure we’ll see more things relating to it.

I love the loli and mage…but not really in the same way of course. I think the mage guy is just pretty cool. He seems powerful yet at the same time is lazy and apathetic, and it seems all he cares about are the ladies. It does seem like he’ll have some great humor moments in the show. His chemistry with the loli is great too. The way she keeps scolding him is great. Plus the loli is extremely cute herself. I’m not sure if she actually does anything aside from carry the mage’s wands, but regardless she’s cute and that’s all that matters.

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  1. I kind of agree. The 2nd episode was a big letdown after the hilarity in the 1st episode, but I think episode 3 has given me new hope that this may be a pretty decent series.

    It’s kind of rare for me to still be like “it’s an episode-by-episode thing” after 3 episodes, but I’d kind of say that’s what Druaga is still.

    My impression was that Kayaa/Ishtar was the girl with Gilgamesh when he defeated Druaga which, of course as you note, brings up the question of why the heck hasn’t she aged a day since then?

    I do agree that the loli and the mage added an interesting element to this element. I’m just wondering when Jil and his old team will end up running into each other again. Oh, and I’m sure the loli can kick ass in some way herself.

  2. I’m pretty sure that scene at the start was a big flashback. What happened back when Gilgamesh went up the tower to rescue Ki. The younger version was pretty tough considering he could climb the whole thing and then save the girl. Pretty weird kind of curse that would keep the guy alive after the assassination attempt.

    I’m not sure about Kaaya. She looks too similar to Ki that’s for sure. Don’t think she is the same since there wouldn’t be a reason for the name change. Could be the granddaughter of Ki who has her own reasons for wanting to climb that tower. At the very least we can see the bond between her and Gilgamesh so its not like they are strangers. Don’t think she is the same since she didn’t refer to him as Gil, but ‘your majesty’. Will have to wait and see, do think we’ll get some romance with Kaaya and Jil regardless.

    Jil is just damn funny. A complete idiot that’s for sure. Trying to make a slime stand down through his speech. “If your fear my sword…Correction, if your fear my stick.” Thank god that guy gets one of the swords Gilgamesh carried with him.

    Still should be interesting now that the groups have formed. Do expect some run ins with Neeba’s group. Probably Jil and co growing in order to surpass them.

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