Episode of the Week – 04.18 – D. Gray-Man – 79

Episode of the Week:

D. Gray-Man – 79

This was a pretty obvious choice. It’s not that the other shows that are starting this new season aren’t really bad, they just haven’t reached a big critical point in their story so early on and D. Gray-Man is right in the middle of one.

This episode really was incredible. I’m not going to spoil anything here, you can read the full post about it, but it just had me in absolute shock. I was speechless for a while after seeing it. It was amazing. The episode itself had some great scenes in it and the overall result of the episode seems like it will be vitally important to the rest of the series. Not only was it a great episode but it really continues the show on a serious and dark path which continues to be interesting.

3 thoughts on “Episode of the Week – 04.18 – D. Gray-Man – 79”

  1. Have to agree 100% with the choice this week. There really was nothing that had the same impact as this one did. One that left you in shock and is going to have a big impact on a variety of characters in that series.

    Sure helped that most series are just getting started so nothing could come close to this one. Been a while since we had a D.Gray-Man episode that left this big an impact on things.

  2. Haha, it wouldn’t be so shocking if you read the manga :P

    But that said, this episode was indeed nice but I would’ve chosen Soul Eater if I did this episode of the week thing.

  3. What fun would it be if you already knew what was going to happen? :)

    All about making the call I guess on whether you want to read the manga or have the first experience be the anime. Personally have just been using the manga for translation when watching the raws.

    Be it the first or second episode I think this still blew away Soul Eater. Should be a good series I think but not quite there yet.

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