Da Capo II Season 2 – 01

Yoshiyuki’s class tries to decide what they’ll do for the upcoming Christmas party.


I realize that many people seem to hate the Da Capo series, but I quite like it. I was really looking forward to this season because even though the first season ended abruptly that just means that this season will be able to pretty much take right off. Hell if anything the first season knocked out two girls from the running so they can focus on the others better. Anyways, if you hate it I don’t really care, but I like it and thought this episode was a good start.

I am a bit hazy on how the damn tree is still alive. I guess looking back that part was really unclear in Da Capo Season II. Aisha revived the tree, realized her mistake, and tired to kill it. She then realize din order to lift the magic she had to erase herself from others memories. Now, did she just erase others memories of her or did she do that AND kill the tree? I would think that the whole point is to kill the tree. Though, the wish that made things bad in Season II was Aisia’s, so things could have been solved either way I guess. Either way it seems the tree is back and the whole focus of the first two Da Capo seasons were that the magic of the tree was bad. Sakura knows this and seems like she was trying to kill the tree at the end of this episode, so it looks like this season will have some focus on that kind of magic and not just on the school romance comedy that the first season of Da Capo II had.

One really unimportant thing I noticed in this episode, which I’m guessing was the same in the first season, is what the hell is up with that dog and where the hell is Utamaru!?! Utamaru was the most awesome character ever, it was a little cat with a head five times the size of his body and he was just awesome. I don’t remember him in the first season, and I’m guessing he wasn’t there either. Sure, Da Capo II takes place like 230 years after Da Capo, but that’s no reason Sakura can’t like revive Utamaru or make him immortal like she is.

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  1. Woah, I never thought anyone else would miss Utamaru. Yeah, he really was awesome. I think he just died of old age :(

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