Macross Frontier – 02

Altoh fights to protect Ranka during the attack and tries to learn more about what is going on.


Things are already getting interesting regarding the love triangle. Although I wouldn’t really say there is a love triangle right now, it seems as if it’s getting there. I’m curious as to what Sheryl wants with Altoh. She didn’t seem mad when she saw him, like she was furious at him for what he did, more like she was mischievous and happy to have finally found him. If she was just pissed at him I wouldn’t think she would go though all that trouble to find him. I still really really really hope for Ranka to win. She’s much much better then Sheryl. I just hope they show some kind of romantic feelings between them soon, just a little hint of it. Right now there isn’t much romance between them.

I am interested in the focus on war. It hasn’t become apparent that there will be a big focus on it, but there did seem to be a little bit of it which I would like to see more of. When Altoh saw all the destruction and death and gagged, it was really interesting. Of course there won’t be a big focus on war like some other anime have since they are fighting monsters and not people, but just an overall focus on death and loved ones going into battle will hopefully be present, as it does make things interesting.

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  1. The red monster-alien-thingies remind me of Eva Unit 02 for some reason. It might be because of the four eyes or the colour and also the fact that they’re humanoid shape. Also, I’m interested in seeing what kind of mech/plane Altoh is going to pilot.

  2. Well after hanging on boards figured out what Sheryl was after. She kept replaying the same scene over and over. One of her earrings fell off during the performance, apparently stuck in Altoh’s gear. You could see it when they were showing the stuff recovered from the VF-25 he had been piloting at the start of the episode. Too bad for her he doesn’t have it on him anymore :).

    Did a pretty good job piloting all things considered. Sweet rescue on Ranka since flying out into space would have been bad. Obviously not too much on the romance side there yet. Did have a few interesting encounters that day for sure. Also I doubt Ranka was asking Ozma to track Altoh down for the heck of it. Something going on her side.

    The connection with Ranka and these attackers is also interesting. Her scream distracted the big red guy early in the episode. Also when she was signing this episode they seemed to activate and head out to attack.

    Full support for Ranka.

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