Hayate no Gotoku – 52 [Final]

Nagi, Hayate, and Maria take a vacation over the summer and Hayate tries to find some way to get Nagi to spend more time outdoors.


Wow, this episode was wonderful. Even though it didn’t really give any kind of conclusion to the series I still found it great. Of course, it’s to be expected that the show wouldn’t have a definite conclusion with the manga still running as it is. However there as something about the episode that just seemed like it was better then some other anime series that ends before the manga. It just had an overall conclusion like end to it. It was sweet and heart warming to just watch the episode. It wasn’t really full of comedy, in fact there wasn’t that much comedy in it which usually puts this series episodes not too high on the list but there was just something else about this episode that really caught my attention. It wasn’t that it was supernatural in the whole time thing, hell I didn’t even mind that at all. It was just something about seeing little Nagi and having Hayate let off that feel of protecting her no matter what was great, I didn’t even mind a non heavy focus on serious romance, it was just nice to see.

I do have to say that I found the credits rather heartwarming. Even though it was a really simple flash of scenes, because the series was so long seeing all those scenes really bought up memories of the entire series. This series was definitely full of some really fun and enjoyable moments.

Final Words:

Well this certainly was a fun and interesting ride. This right now is the longest series that has ended that I’ve blogged and second longest series I’ve blogged overall. It seems almost a bit unreal that it’s finally over as it was kind of always a show that was just going on. It wasn’t a blockbuster like some of the other shows going on at the time so it kind of got overshadowed and looked over. Some of the more popular shows or ones heavier in drama were the focus of attention all while this show was going on but it still made it though. Although when quickly thinking about it, due to it not making an impression like the other shows it almost seems like its not that good but really looking back on it and all the things that have happened and some of the laughs matched with the best parody comedy I’ve ever seen, the show was spectacular.

That parody comedy is really what stood out above the rest. As far as this show goes it was the best part as I always found myself laughing the hardest for having to point out seeing some kind of cameo or reference to another anime or game. Plus they constantly, several times an episode, would bleep something out when mentioning another anime or game by name. There are several shows that have parody comedy but none that even come remotely close to matching this show in my opinion. That plus the fat they were constantly breaking the fourth wall was great. Hell, I can’t even think of a show that breaks the fourth wall like they do. I still remember things like the characters in the show suspecting the narrator and him yelling down I’m not in the show, I couldn’t have done it. That may not be it exactly but things along those lines were what really defined this show.

I of course have to mention my favorite character in this show and one of my favorite characters of all time, Isumi. I’ve already done an entire post about how awesome she is and you can see it under the Character Profiles. She was just so cute in her almost pathetic nature of getting lost and trying to speak up about something to have the moment just pass by her. She wasn’t really shy as much as soft spoken. However that is tied with the fact she actually has awesome powers dealing with spirits and the undead. Plus her getting lost all the time just adds to the cuteness I was talking about. Second would of course be Nagi because I love lolis and I think her hikkimori nature was shown really well and made her a great character. Aside from that the other characters were still really good. Really, this show was defined by its characters. There wasn’t that great of an over compassing plot, any plot is really just a set up for the situation everyone is in. All of the episodes just dealt with things, for the most part, that were unrelated to things like that. The show was really defined by the kind of characters it had and I think they were great.

However, with season two announced at the end of this episode, it seems that things won’t be over for quite a while.

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  1. You are the first person who chose Isumi over the others. I totally agree, though as things stand now, I doubt that she will get enough attention in the next run of the show, partially because of her reduced role in the manga.

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