Macross Frontier – Alterations Between The Two First Episodes

I’m not going to do a full post on this episode because I more ore les did already back when it first aired however due to someone pointing it out and then me watching and seeing the same thing, I did find out that there are some changes between the previous episode and this one which I’ll talk about.


For the most part there weren’t any huge changes to the plot. It really just seemed they added a couple of scenes and probably took some out but not that I saw. Of course there was also the OP in this episode, which the other one lacked. It gave me a lot of hope for the show since the lyrics dealt with romance, and I love romance. The big scene differences were the additions of the guy flying around with Sheryl which never happened before plus her just seeing them as she was coming into the concert hall. They also revealed why he is called “Princess” but not entirely. They kind of hinted at him having dressed up as one for something.


I do of course want to say one thing that isn’t completely related to the changes between the two episodes but more or less about the series in general. Sheryl is a bitch. I hope to god that the guy ends up with Ranka. This doesn’t even have anything to do with her being more loli like then Sheryl either. She’s a cute girl who seems nice and sincere and Sheryl is a bitch. However partially because I’m pessimistic I’m not sure if it will go that way. Plus shows like to redeem characters like her and if they do she may end up with him, but I still will always hope for Ranka.

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  1. Yeah the new first episode was just to give a different view on things. Having two you could certainly get a bigger picture. Think when it comes out in DVD they might try and combine both completely.

    Does seem possible that Alto was involved in some kabuki for whatever reason. At least traditionally all the roles were played by men. But the fact people have called him beautiful may have been given a female role regardless of what norms exist out there. He is pretty angry about the whole thing though.

    They’ve done a good job showing Sheryl off as someone you’d have to dislike. Sure she can act professional in front of the crowd, but out of it she is a pretty rude person. Maybe its intentional so they can redeem her down the road.

    Obviously I like Ranka a lot more. Just a pure person it feels like. In a bad pinch at the end of the episode, but good to see Alto going out to save her. I really just hope those two end up together. True Tears really hit me by going the other way. So a bit of slack from the anime gods would be nice.

  2. Eh. I actually like Sheryl more. She hasn’t done anything for me to label her has a bitch or to dislike her in general. She’s keeping it real which a ton of fictional characters aren’t able to do because of the scope of writers. She may ‘calm down’ as the series progresses though.

    As for who may win in this love triangle…I don’t think they’ll go the same road they did with SDF Macross.

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