Druaga no To – The Aegis of Uruk – 01

Jil and his allies go to defeat the evil Druaga in his tower.


This episode was great. It’s unsure I this greatness will continue past this episode, but as far as this episode goes it was fantastic. It was pretty much solely focused on the comedy, and because it really didn’t try and be serious in that sense, since it was a dream, it was able to do a lot of stuff that other shows wouldn’t. There were just so many moments I loved. First of all the tentacle thing was absolutely brilliantly hilarious. I had to stop the episode and hold onto my sides as I laughed at that. Don’t attack, just watch…..KEEP WATCHING….Then of course the whole, “I plan to return to my hometown and get married” thing was great. When they first did it with Utu or whatever his name was it was alright, not really that funny, but when the Dark/Black Night said it too and then died it was great. Other things that were great was the whole weird thing with Neeba staying behind saying for the rest to go ahead but Jil punching him out like he said he wanted to come. It was really weird and didn’t’ make sense, but was funny because of it.

What I think will be interesting, and will really determine how this show stands, is where it goes from here. This first episode was obviously odd, very comedy centered, but it was all a dream. The question is if they are going to have the kind of humor in the dream when things are happening for real, will there be more daydreams, or will it all be serious. Now, this sit’ to say a serious version won’t work, but I’m just curious to find out which it is. Its not often a show has a start like this and turns out to be different. But, like I said, a serious version won’t mean this is going to be bad, I just want to know one way or the other what it’s going to be.

I am hopeful for some kind or romance. It seems from the OP at least that Jil will be paired with some yet to be introduced character that appears in the preview, and the blonde girl will be matched with Neeba. Depending on how serious the series gets depends on how serious the romance will be likely, but if the show does turn out to be serious I hope there will be some romance.

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