Allison and Lillia – First Impressions

This was pretty interesting. I wasn’t too sure what this would be about, in fact the reason I picked it up was because it seemed to have a unique two stories in one thing going on. However even without that, even if its just Allison and Will it still seems interesting enough. At least the story seems interesting and unique enough to make the show worth watching so I’m looking forward to more from this show.


Of course, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t mention the fact that I want romance in this show. There is obviously something that could develop between Allison and Wil. Although Will seems to be rather oblivious, it seems that Allison has shown some signs of liking Wil such as getting mad when he dismissed them being on a date and some other things. I’m not too sure on what the other story in this show will be with the other pair of people but hopefully there will be romance there too.

One thought on “Allison and Lillia – First Impressions”

  1. Out of all the new shows this is probably one of my favourites after a first episode. Just something about the feeling with these two seems good. May not be the same kind of duo that Lawrence and Horo (Spice&Wolf) were and the journey is different, but should still be good.

    Both of the leads really seem to compliment the other well. Allison has the great piloting skills, seems to move like a ninja at times, is honest except maybe about romance, and willing to charge into things even knowing the risks. Will is a pretty interesting guy himself. Smart, a good shot, photographic memory, not one to brag about himself or say something blunt that may be a bit rude, and able to react when times call for it. How he just knocked Allison out of the way before she could be shot the moment he saw the gun was nice.

    Looks like the two will be getting into a big adventure here. Wish them the best of luck.

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