Itazura na Kiss – 01

Kotoko, a girl in high school, tries to confess to the guy she likes but is instantly shot down revealing the guy has no interest in girls as dumb as her.


This series was interesting. I love romance anime so I’m defiantly going to give this a shot, and I do have some hopes for it. I do have to say I really dislike Nao’s character. I generally dislike characters with his personality who think they are better then everyone else. That’s why I partially like some ero game adaptation anime, the whole reasoning behind why girls like him is because he’s nice. I don’t want a character that’s a total ass like he is. I really hope his character later on redeems himself otherwise I can easily see this harming the way I view the show dramatically. Even though I love romance, hating a character with a personality like that will easily result in me disliking the series.

One of the things that had me so interested in this series has yet to really show up. Apparently the series is supposed to span over ten years where the romance kind of develops. Now, I don’t’ even know how many episodes there are going to be, but it doesn’t seem like something where each episode is a new year or something like that. I doubt it will even be something like every two episodes; they probably won’t go year by year. However it’s a shoujo manga and several shoujo manga do span long times, such as a three year skip, then another short one. It’ll probably end up being a couple year skip a third of the way though and then another near the end and so on. Still, I really hope they do infact have this in the show as it would make it so much more interesting.

2 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss – 01”

  1. Honestly the history of this show is what drew me in initially. What happened to the author and how this is going to finish off an old series all sounds good.

    Have to say I agree in my strong hate of Nao. He is the type of person I’ve always disliked in general. Gets the good grades, has the looks, and is a jerk through and through. Can’t wait to see how they try and turn him around. Since right now I’m saying go for the friend who head butted the wall. Seriously is a nice guy so no problems for me there.

    Will keep on following and see how the series goes.

  2. Nao is cold.
    But I have a feeling that he will change later in the story..
    The 1st episode is ‘ok’, but there are still some things that needs to be improved..

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