To-Love-Ru – First Impressions

This show seems to be following along the lines of another show this season with the focus being strongly on ecchi and slapstick like humor. While it does seem that it will be a bit different from the other one this season, more or less it’s on the same track with what kind of show it will be. Hell, I can already tell that the manga is probably leaps and bounds better then the anime, as shows like this tend to have that trait. Still, it will be interesting to watch.

I have to say that I did feel really sorry for Rito at that ending scene. When it happened it just seemed so horrible for him. Here’s the girl he’s liked for a long time, he finally has the chance after many failed attempts to confess to her, he manages to say it but not only does he more or less fail in confessing to Haruna, she sees him confess and what seems to be marry someone else. That’s just horrid luck. It’s a bit odd for me to lean this way for a show like this but I really hope Rito ends up with Haruna. Now, as far as the manga goes I bet he’d probably end up with Lala and as far as the anime goes I doubt they will even conclude it in any form but I am kind of rooting for Haruna even though I don’t see it happening.

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  1. Wonder why I always seem to support characters like Haruna. I know each time they have little chance yet here I am. Is it because I just don'[t like the personalities of the lead, wanting to support the underdog, or just some weird issue with putting myself against the odds?

    Really feel for Rito in this situation. Clear how he feels about Haruna and fairly clear she has feelings for him at some level herself. Yet the one time he finally gets it out there it ends up being pointed towards the wrong person. A couple that did have a future is pretty much shot down here.

    Oh you know that over the series he’ll build up feeling for Lala, but still will be remembered.

    Anyways looks like things will be busy in this one. Rito really has gotten into one crazy situation.

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