Kanokon – First Impressions

This was certainly….interesting. It pretty much turned out the way I thought it would, being full of ecchi moments and rather slapstick comedy. However I didn’t think that it would be THAT ecchi. Still, while this show doesn’t look like it will achieve greatness and become a wonderful series I had a lot of fun watching it. Hell, its even more ecchi and will likely have less plot then Rosario + Vampire but it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. These kinds of shows are alright in their own sense. So, I will be continuing to watch this. As I said I had a lot of fun watching it and Ecchi shows aren’t bad as long as you see them for what they are.

I do have to point out that I already love the loli characters in the show. The two twin lolis who were eating their lunch and kept getting stuff spilled on it was great. I hope they continue to have a small part like that in several episodes. It seems like they will introduce the other fox girl soon though so the show will likely stay focused on those two and the guy as main characters.

3 thoughts on “Kanokon – First Impressions”

  1. The only main issue I had with this is that they used a female voice actor for the shouta character. And a voice actor that I really like as a female character not a boy. Frankly, it really got on my nerves and it didn’t seem appropriate for the character. This issue is the main reason I’m not gonna continue with this.

  2. I wasnt very impressed, although after watching the trailer, it really turned out as i expected. i had higher expectations for the show. i liked the first volume of the manga much more than this first episode. it just seems that its too ecchi, so for me if i keep on watching it or not is kind of a toss up.

  3. Have to say the lead guys voice did bother me as well. Since it was so recognizable to a variety of female characters. When doing his inner monologue I honestly thought it was another character speaking.

    Certainly ended up as advertised, really ecchi and not a ton of plot. May keep on following it, will just see.

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