Hayate no Gotoku – 51

Nagi sends Hayate off to pick up a package for her while she and the others set up a surprise.


I thought this was a great episode. It seems like they’ve stepped things up a bit from some of the previous episodes we’ve seen in preparation for the final one. There were a lot of very amusing moments just involving the same thing we’ve seen, yet it still seemed to be fun to watch. Hayate just seems to have horrible luck. I think the best part of this episode was the more or less serious focused it had on the relationship between Hayate and Nagi. Even if it wasn’t romance based, and I’ve said I’d like for this show to have more romance but the way this show is I can easily accept that it won’t. Still, the non romance relationship development in this episode was great. I loved the moment where Nagi said and asked about it’s not just the money that keeps them together. I thought that scene was great.

I am growing extremely curious as to what the hell the pendent is. It’s nothing new, after all he got it a while back and there have been several episodes where they’ve shown it glowing, but they haven’t even begun to explain why. It’s obviously important, or they wouldn’t keep referencing it like that especially when it’s not a joke. The only guess I have is that it some how brings misfortune to Hayate in order to test him. He kind of asked why these things happen to him and then they flashed to the pendant, so it could be something along those lines. I could see the series ending either way, explaining what it is or not. The manga is still going so of course the anime ending will have to be sudden and I really doubt we will see more of this show, so it might be something explained in the manga only. Still, the final episode will likely be good with or without the pendant playing a big part.

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  1. In the manga, it’s… cursed. And starts off the whole ‘Hayate getting sold off’ arc, when a certain exorcist seals the spirit of bad luck/demise away before telling a certain indebted butler that she likes him.

  2. Omg i laugh so hard when i saw the youtobe page i am sad because episode 52 is the end!!!! wth!!! i wish more of hayate no gotoku!!

  3. Hah, lucky for all of us there’s a second season of Hayate coming up soon, possibly after Zettai Karen Children is over with, or maybe during it x3

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