Hayate no Gotoku – 50

Nagi and Nishizawa participate in a trivia competition as a pair.


This episode was absolutely hilarious. I could tell form the preview for this episode that it was going to be great. There were so many great things about it. There were several cameos of girls form other anime in the crowd, though I wasn’t able to pick up on all of them. There was of course Tomoyo from Clannad and I also believe I saw Mugi from Hitohira. The others I’ve either not seen or looked too normal, but those kinds of things thrown in there were great. I loved a lot of the other humor in this episode. It seemed like this episode had an abundance of comedy in it. Things like asking how the hell Nishizawa can push the button with her foot when she’s hanging from it, things that point out flaws in the show are always funny.

The next episode seems like it’ll be interesting. There seems to be a focus on some more serious stuff like Hayate’s loyalty to Nagi and so forth, so that kind of premise is easily fit for the climax. I’m just curious as to if this will be a two parter episode going into the final or if it’ll just be stand alone.

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