Shakugan no Shana II – 24 [Final]

Shana and the others try and stop Bal Masque’s plans before it’s too late and Yuji disappears.


I thought this episode was great. Putting the conclusion aside for a bit this individual episode was very exciting and fun to watch. Although it isn’t really a conclusion to an overall series, it was a good conclusion to an arc, like Sabrac was. Looking at this episode like that and it really is pretty good. I was a bit confused though when they were fighting the smaller Silver, Shana and Yuji that is. It seemed like it was being controlled or had the mind of Konoe or Hecate or both, yet they didn’t really explain that too much, they just briefly mentioned last episode that Konoe was gathering emotions, didn’t say she would be the full mind of the thing. It just seemed a bit awkward and that they could have explained that a bit better, since it’s the reason Yuji’s not dead.

A quick note, as I’ll talk more about the romance in this series under “Final Thoughts” but I was just absolutely giddy when they showed the scene at the end where Shana turns around and has a big smile on her face. It obviously means Yuji showed up to her and not Kazumi, which is to be expected. I’m just overwhelmingly glad they didn’t just forget they were doing that, I’m glad they continued it.

Now, I have to say that of course it seemed as if nothing was really resolved in this episode. Hell, it’s the same as last season’s ending in regards to the fact none of Bal Masque is dead, everyone is still pretty much where they left it. However at the same time I didn’t feel that this season had too many fillers, so even though not a lot happened, it really came across like that was just the way this series was. They are of course going off of a source material and I thought they did fine. You can’t expect it to conclude, and I’d much rather have an ending like this then have them try and tack on some weird awkward anime exclusive ending, so I thought the way they ended things was fine, it leaves me hopeful for another season.

Final Thoughts:

I’m going to just flat out say right now I absolutely love Shana. I loved the first season and I love this one. Although it may have flaws and ended a bit oddly, that’s pretty much to be expected from something going off source material such as this. Regardless of any of that I had so much fun watching this season. There were so many moments that I was just engrossed in the show. I still remember when fighting Sabrac, when the song Joint started playing I just had a huge smile on my face and was glued to the screen it was such a cool scene for me to watch. The scene itself was alright, but what it meant for the show and situation was amazing. The show got me caring about the characters and the show in general so much that something like that just had me giddy.

I have to make one mention of Kazumi. There is no doubt in my mind that Shana and Yuji will be the ones who end up together and I don’t’ want it any other way. In fact, if he were to end up with Kazumi somehow I would pretty much hate the show. Now, that being said I’m not a huge fan of characters in Kazumi’s position. They don’t do much to help things generally and dealing with them seems to waste time from the real romance. Still, I was blown away by Kazumi in this season. She had some really important roles and an individual story that was interesting, whether or not to use the hougo or not. For a character in her position I was surprised at how much I liked her.

I’ll say something quick about the romance in this season. If you’ve read almost any other post I’ve posted I seem to emphasize how much I love romance in every show. Any show, be it shoujo or mecha I want there to be a big romance focus. (No, not between the mechas you idiot, the pilots or something) So you can imagine I would want it in this show. I have to say that I am very VERY pleased with the amount of romance in this. There could always be more and they could make it more serious but this season was absolutely fine in the amount they had. The first season didn’t have too much as Shana and Yuji were more or less getting to know each other, but here it seemed like half the season focused on it. It was great, and several times they came close to stating it directly. Its no longer at a state where Shana acts tsundere around him and then questions her feelings, she knows her feelings and has admitted them to herself. That itself is a big step and I’m pleased with what they have and I want even more if it should continue.

I doubt anything would make me as happy as an announcement of a third season for this would make me. The major problem I had with this season, like the last, was the way it ended. It gave very little overall closure. The same big bad guys are still pretty much around. Still, even when looking at the show in that mind, that nothing actually really happened in the long term, it was still a joy to watch for me. This show is at the point that I don’t care if others say bad things about it. I’m not going to waste my time to try and convince you to think my way, I don’t care. I love this show, if you don’t then too bad. I just desperately hope for a new season, filled with a lot LOT more serious romance and some darker and deeper continuation to the story.

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  1. It was definitely a good episode. My only complaint was that it was rushed. :( They could of easily made it 2 or even 3 episodes with the amount of material they covered.

    In particular, the “final boss” battle scene was ridiculously short. Nonetheless, I’m definitely looking forward to a season 3 too :) I just wished they had paced this season a bit better.

    I think we can say a season 3 will definitely be announced sometime. I mean, if zero no tsukaima (which had a brilliant season 1 but turned into a trainwreck in season 2) got a 3rd season, I just can’t imagine them not announcing a 3rd season of shana.
    That’s especialy the case when you consider the amount of shana merchandise that gets sold, and they still have a lot of light novels for storyline to cover. :D

  2. Reading your final thoughts stimulated some of my own.

    I’m going to just flat out say right now I absolutely love Shana.

    Nice ^^

    Shana still hasn’t confessed, but its all good… there HAS to be another season. Yes, it sucks that they break between seasons, but its really nice and probably better than loading up with fillers and such (not that it is needed); plus it seems a little more special when a Shana season arrives.

    I liked the action of the last few episodes, but the thing that killed me was the amount of development on Hecate/Konoe. Two or three of those early-mid episodes could have been condensed. Seeing flustered Team Shana Kazumi was awesome, but there good have been some solid romance in there. (Shana seems a lot like the Harry Potter franchise, in terms of progressive seriousness and relations, and I hope it continues growing deep.)

    :) aaah, midnight

  3. Well, I was under the impression that Shana did “confess” via the letter. I don’t think Yuji is THAT stupid that he wouldn’t understand the significance of what the letter meant. Although she might not have officially confessed, as the letter kind of says I’m going to confess to you, Yuji still went to her.

  4. Would agree that I love Shana as well. There were times I wasn’t all that happy with the series and other times I was just glad to be watching.

    Did seem a bit annoying that they went out to try and legitimize early part of the series that had too much Konoe. I honestly feel sorry for Margery. No one better tell her that her greatest foe, the reason she has come this far, was defeated because it was acting like an idiot reaching out to Shana like she was a bird. What a horribly lame way for an enemy to be defeated. Silver’s pride got a low blow there. Of course it can be explained well with Konoe’s memories being so important, but still pretty sad way to go down. Guess they were low on time and needed Silver to be stopped quickly.

    Wonder as well why Bal Masque didn’t take their chance to take care of the Flame Hazes. Honestly were having no problems with Shana and Carmel vs Hecate and Metamorphosis. Might as well finish them off there. But guess that would make a less positive ending. Just really sent home how powerful the members of Bal Masque are. They are still around and capable of causing more problems in the future.

    There were of course some positives to be found. Margery making a call to do what she could even if it meant more injuries to herself. Going out to save Kazumi from shrapnel which would have been a slight problem. Also the Shana/Yuji moments inside. Clearly showing where Yuji’s feelings are and how much Shana cares as well.

    Ending is what we’ve come to expect from Shana. It gives hints like seeing Shana’s happy expression which seems to confirm the pairing. But it leaves it vague enough that the start of season 3 can still reset the relationship situation. Shana could see a portable cart selling melon pan for all we know. I was just hoping for something a little more concrete. After season 1 and Yuji’s convenient not hearing Shana it’s hard to be too optimistic.

    Really enjoyed the second half more than the first. There was some wasted time that could have been put to better use. Like multiple episodes of Shana and Kazumi realizing that jealously feels bad. Some was necessary of course, but just how I felt there.

    Some great highlights like with Sabrac that really was fun to follow. Getting to see Yuji become a stronger person and one that can be relied upon when times are tough. Was a very difficult battle against a powerful foe and Carmel got to show off her abilities as well. Also some things like Tanaka and Satou going their own ways were important to deal with.

    Season 2 was pretty good and I’m looking forward to a very likely season 3. Good and bad times put aside it was a solid series.

  5. This episode won hands down in my opinion. If it has any flaws it would be failing to match the battle against Sabrac. That battle still beats out anything that happened in the conclusion, in my opinion.

    As for True Tears, I would have been most disappointed if you chose that one. That was my least favorite episode of the week, though some others seem to passionately disagree.

    I also was not overwhelmed by the finale for Shigofumi so the only episode that really stands out is Shana.

  6. This was a great episode to me. After watching just the first few episodes of season one, I was sucked in and began to love this show. It is quite sad for me to see that its at an end for a bit. Hopefully season 3 will come out soon enough for the loose ends to be filled.

  7. This is a nice episode about Sabrac. BUT, the only thing i am not satisfied is the ending. Well if they are having Season 3 that’ll be a different case. I can say that many people would be angry after watching a total of 48 episodes, 1 OAV, and a movie, and ended up with no confession isn’t that kinda sad? If only they have an extra episode after this and its about their relationship, that would be the best. I can say, the sound cast of Shana is the same as Nagi in Hayate no Gotoku/ Hayate The Combat Butler and besides,they look the same and their height is equal. 139CM.. Well i am looking forward to the movie and let’s hope its not as boring as the 1st movie of Friagne the hunter

  8. can any one say me whats the song name in the last episode 18:50 – 19:15
    I like this melody can any one tell me whats the name of the song ? i have 46 songs from the anime but i cant find this one

  9. hey

    the song is called “Sense” by Mami Kawada, it was released in her new album “SAVIA”

  10. I trully love Shakugan no Shana. It was really pretty awesome when they were about to defeat Sabrac and the song Joint comes in really stimulated my feelings. I think I watched Shakugan no Shana about 50 times now but I just can’t get enough of it. I really wan Shana and Yuji to be the love couple. Forget about Yoshida Kazumi. I also hope that there really is a third season because it is a MUST for this anime. I just can’t ever convince myself to not have have a season 3. I hope that they really make one. And also I don’t want anymore obstacles in Shana’s way to become Yuji’s only lover!!!!!! I really LOVE SHANA.

  11. yo.. yo… yo…. want a good news..?? the season 3 will be coming this late october 2009!!!!

  12. you got it right!!!
    SHUJI forever, YAZUMI fornever!

    yeah! :]]

    btw it was such a good, good ending HAWHAW

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