Rosario + Vampire – 13 [Final]

Yukari tries to find a way to save Tsukune by getting the help of the others who have just found out the truth themselves.


This was a pretty good episode. There were a lot of stupidities in it amongst some of the lot, but it’s really just the kind that you can already expect from this show. Overall I thought this episode, in conjecture with the last episode that really had somewhat of a serious focus was a nice change of pace. The incredibly stupid at most times completely ecchi filled show did manage to have some good serious parts when it tired, which is something you can’t say about all ecchi shows. I really enjoyed this episode and the struggle they dealt with. Hell, I’m pretty surprised too with how well they got out of the whole everyone knows Tsukune’s a human and want to kill him thing. I hadn’t quite thought of the fact that they could keep lying about it, saying he is a demon but they did. Now, I partially didn’t think of that but in any event it did turn out to work very well and I’m glad because that was probably what I was concerned with the most for how this would work out. I’m also really glad with Mizore and Kurumu; at least they weren’t convinced he is actually a demon like the rest of the school and were just mad about the not being told the truth thing, not the actual truth. I pretty much take back what I said about their characters, and I’m really glad I’m able to do that. I also want to say I really liked how they made the connection between vampire and non-vampire Moka with the finger flick. I was hoping for some kind of focus on the whole two people or really one person, who is the real Moka bit. They didn’t really have time for that but at least they fit that finger flick in to kind of address the issue.

I am really interested in how the manga fits in all of this. When I have time I’ll pick it up along with many others, but that will likely be a while. I know they solved the bit with Tsukune almost dieing in the Ruby arc with Moka giving him her blood but didn’t explain it. I severely doubt they’d do that twice so close together. In the anime version it seems obvious that that didn’t happen at all, and Tsukune was just not hurt very badly, as everyone was reacting to this like it had happened for the first time. So the question is if they used the excuse from the Ruby arc here, what did the manga use here? At least they seem to have had a good reason for not using this back at the Ruby arc.

Final Words:

This series was pretty much what I expected it to be. I didn’t really think it would be that outstanding and high quality. It pretty much presented itself as an ecchi show, and that was what it was. It was filled with extremely stupid humor and a panty of breast shot every two seconds. However that’s what it tried to be. Not all shows have to be psychological and make you questioned existence; some like this are just fun to watch. Even though that doesn’t make it high quality, it still did turn out that this show was amusing to watch. I could laugh at several parts, some because of how stupid they were, but laughing none the less and for an ecchi show, it wasn’t bad.

The characters were certainly what made the show as interesting as it was. I hope to read the manga since I hear countless times how much better it is then the anime of this, but I hope the characters are as important and unique as they are in the anime, which I’m pretty sure they will be. That really was the charm of the show when it was going though its extremely stupid parts such as their monster o the week type progress they had.

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  1. Well overall the final episode wasn’t too bad. Was impressed by Mizore and how much she did here. If it wasn’t for her the entire groups would have been roasted. Never hurts to have a character with ice related abilities when up against fire.

    There was one thing I was really annoyed about and that was with Tsukune. He was supposed finish this one off. He was saved, looked ready to go, and just stood there while Moka finished it? The same Moka that minutes before couldn’t even hurt the guy at all? Only reason of course they would change that is because Gonzo didn’t want to miss the chance for another Moka panty shot. Who would not have wanted a vamped out Tsukune who really wasn’t himself beating the heck out of that guy and saving the day? Instead he just holds Moka and then snaps back to normal. Just a personal issue there.

    A few things to think about. This arc happened before the Ruby arc in the manga. So no Ruby or Mizore taking part in things. Tsukune got roasted trying to save Moka and she took a desperate attempt to save him that wasn’t likely to work. But it did and since they won the school assumed Tsukune was a youkai which took care of that worry. Kurumu when the possibility was raised was on Tsukune’s side without a second thought. No matter what he was a person she cared about and the trust issue wasn’t brought up.

    Then after that point you had the Ruby arc. Which actually developed Ruby better, but I’ll leave that to people who want to read the manga. Tsukune did get badly injured by Ruby though, but Moka did the same thing and he was fine. There wasn’t a problem with saving him that way since it had been done before. That arc had some deeper moral questions as well about relations between the species.

    Some changes weren’t too bad. Like giving Mizore and Kurumu some time to deal with feelings of not being trusted. Also Ruby and Mizore were nice additions to the fighting and was just nice to see everyone working together to try and buy some time. Though as expected they just gave Ruby a new wand without much fuss.

    Overall mixed feelings about the anime. On one hand I’m grateful since it got me interested enough to jump into the manga which I don’t do often. Really is something I’ve been enjoying so no problems there. Some characters like Mizore really translated into the series nicely. Nothing quite like seeing the characters in action and not just in the page.

    Though there were some downsides. The fanservice at times was over the top. Remember the first episode where half of it we were looking up at Moka. The view in general was from the bottom up which just felt silly. Also at times it directly interfered with the plot like at the end with Moka’s reversed skirt kick to finish the fight. Though not saying it was terrible all the time, but could have been slipped in with much more taste.

    Can’t really complain about things being left out since with manga it’s going to happen. Characters like Mizore felt nicer in the anime for some reason. Kurumu obviously got more development manga side.

    In the end I’m still happy to have seen the series. Certainly had its flaws but that goes without saying. Not a bad show in the end.

    Minor note though, someone stop Gonzo! After Rosario Vampire, the disaster of epic proportions that Dragonaught was, and bad animation in Kaze no Stigma, they need to think about what they are doing. Do good work and people will appreciate it.

  2. Yay season 2 announced…. it’s a fun care free type of show that requires no brains…. you gotta have one to watch a season or you’ll get to serious.

  3. YATA!!!though it followed its own story than the manga I DONT CARE!!HECK!i even agree that this anime is better than naruto!

    looking forward to season 2!!i cant wait!!!

  4. so i guess at the ending part when tsukune saved moka from the final blast on episode 13 he did show very much of his vampiric power((by escaping the blast with a jump that high to the roof with moka in his arms))with the power he gets from moka’s blood and his red eyes did show much what the gonzo is plotting with season 2 hope next season tsukune gets to save moka with vampire power of his own once in a while same as moka “on and off”. but if the concept of vampire tsukune is drop then it will be a big waste on season 2 it will be sad to see tsukune to rely on moka everytime. hope gonzo dont ruin the anime.

    ps: if everything is following the manga then there wont be any speciallity then to read the manga itself right

  5. Little tidbit people. This isn’t the last episode. Season 2 is pending production but it will be made. Apparently. Just thought I’d let you know because you said this is the final episode.

  6. First off, this is the final episode…of this season. Most people consider different seasons different series especially if they take place with a season of time between them.

    Second, the second season wasn’t even announced when I made this post.

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