Shigofumi – Final Impressions

Wow, this series was certainly interesting. I wasn’t even going to watch it at first because when I heard the synopsis I thought it wouldn’t be interesting at all. After all, it’s just some girl delivering mail from dead people? I thought it would be full of happy go lucky moments, super sweet and charming things where someone gets a letter from their dead lover or child and so on. However I was extremely wrong.

This show dealt with extremely serious topics. I mean, I questioned at times whether or not murder was justified, for an anime to do that is pretty big. This wasn’t just some useless fluffy series, it dealt with real topics in morality and some situations that could really happen.

As for the actual conclusion, I’m still a bit confused as to what to think. Overall I did find the encompassing story involving Fumika and Mikawa interesting. Although the show really shined when it dealt with some other things, I still loved the Chiaki episode despite disliking her character until then, but the encompassing story was somewhat interesting. I do have to admit I thought it would end a bit differently, having them be absorbed into one but the way it ended seemed to work. I’m just confused as to if the one remains a mail carrier, and if Kaname gets any kind of romantic conclusion. But overall the encompassing story about Fumi and Mika was good, but not where the show shined the most.

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  1. Have to agree that I’m a bit confused and slightly let down by the ending. I found this series to be overall interesting, tackling some serious toppings and willing to really get into the nitty gritty and dark side of life. Some of the stories were funny or uplifting, but most were almost depressing yet still intriguing.

    I loved the many different characters, they kept me interested even when the stories got a little out there. I kind of just wish the ending have given a clearer outcome for everyone, in particular Mika and Fumika.

    The ending really was a bit to vague for my tastes. Not that everything has to be spelled out for me, but it was just a bit unsatisfying. Mika realizes she didn’t want to disappear and wanted to live too, and Fumika realizes that she has more strength than she thought and indeed can stand on her own. I’m assuming from the ending sequence that Fumika has indeed moved on with her life and is strong as in individual now, and I guess Mika continues to live as a Shigofumi postman, whatever that really entails as a life. I kind of wish a clearer resolution between them was given. I also wish we knew what happened with the pseudo-love triangle that sort of existed between Mika, Natsuka, and Kaname. Granted, Mika was never really an active part of it, but given that Natsuka confessed to Kaname, I’d have liked to know more of how that worked out, they’re still friends obviously, but is he still hung up on Mika?

    Overall, I liked this series, I just wish things had been more fleshed out at the end, I would say that a second series would be interesting but I’m not sure how that would work. I guess it would follow Mika and Fumika’s independent lives? Not sure if that would still work.

  2. To me, the best part of Shigofumi is the short story in the first two episodes. That is a nice piece of short story telling there. The rest is intriguing but forgettable. They really could’ve expanded more on the theme of codependency and independency, but I agree with Dejitaru Musouka that they’ve rushed it at the end.

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