My Picks For Spring 2008 Anime Season

Well, again I’m a bit late in posting this but this posts intention isn’t really to inform everyone of what shows will be airing this spring, but just what shows I will be watching and blogging.

Again I intend to have normal blogging shows and quick post shows, quick post shows being posts that I will give an initial and ending impression on, and then posts in between whenever a moment in the show is good enough.

Anyones, here are my picks beyond the jump.

Normal Shows:

Macross Frontier

This one is kind of already decided. I blogged the first episode of Macross Frontier when it was released at the beginning of Winter Season and I loved it. I haven’t actually watched the other Macross series but I liked the episode of this I watched so I’ll be blogging it. I just really really hope there is romance in it, even though it is pretty much a mecha show, I still want romance.

Da Capo II Season II

I know A LOT of people look down on Da Capo and I’m not really trying to justify it. But I personally love the show. I loved the first Da Capo, and thought the second season was alright. I also liked the first season of Da Capo II mainly because I knew this was coming. Da Capo II didn’t really have a conclusion to it, and this will be its conclusion. Partially because Da Capo Second Season anime was actually based off of the Summer Special game and both Da Capo II seasons are based off the main game Da Capo II. Anyways, I love Da Capo. I love ero game adaptation anime like this, even if it is generic or whatever, I love it. I don’t have delusions of it being epic or anything like that, but I can still enjoy it so I’m looking forward to this a lot. I’m not really going to defend myself more on it, as I shouldn’t have to defend me liking something. You can hate it if you want, I don’t.

To Love Ru

Well, seeing as how I love romance shows, even the kind that are comedy and school based like this one, I’m definitely interested in watching this. Although I don’t expect this to reach an amazing degree of quality, it should still be pretty fun to watch. I would assume though that this anime won’t reach anywhere near a conclusion. I think the manga is still ongoing and even if its not shows like this tend to wrap up inconclusively where the manga might go into who the guy ends up with. Still, tit should be fun to watch. Not everything has to be serious.

S.A. Speical A

Again, another anime falling into the category of having high romance content. Though, this one seems to have a lot more indications of a shoujo like style so I am expecting a bit more serious romance form this show and just it being a bit better. Still, it looks like it will have a good amount of comedy but most importantly it seems to have a bit better premise of quality then some of the other more generic shows that focus on the same kind of romance.

Itazura na Kiss

Do I even have to say it again? Perhaps you’ve noticed a pattern with my reasoning for all shows above except maybe Macross, but I love romance. This is definitely a romance anime, and more shoujo’ish to boot. Hopefully it will bring a bit more to the story then some others have in the past. It seems interesting since the girl confesses to the guy, but he rejects her, yet that’s all in the first episode. Even more interesting is that the series spans over 10 years. You hardly ever see that…..ever. At most you get an epilogue ten years later where they show you 30 seconds of content. A combination of these things makes this a must watch for me.

Quick Post Shows:


Well, although this seems like its completely just mindless ecchi slapstick comedy, that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun and interesting to watch. Although, I am putting it in the Quick Post section as I doubt the plot will get serious enough for me to have anything meaningful to write about it on a regular basis. Still, nothing wrong with ecchi comedy as long as you don’t expect it to be something else.

The Tower of Druga ~the Aegis of URUK~

This show is deviating a bit from my usual target show genres, but partially because it sounds interesting and partially because Yui Horie is one of the seiyuus, I want to watch it. I do really like fantasy type stories, so I’m a bit surprised I don’t’ watch that many, but this is part of trying to correct that.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki

I really know very little about this show except in several descriptions cat girls and maids were mentioned, which kind of sold me. Still, with so little information I won’t blog this like a normal show, as I’m not sure if it will really have much serious content. It seems like it will be kind of random and a bit weird.

Allison to Lillia

This seems interesting since it seems to be a compilation of two different manga. It seems like it will more or less have two stories that kind of meet up in the end. That seems interesting enough for me to watch it, though it doesn’t have enough of the parts of shows I like for me to blog it fully like the other normal ones.

12 thoughts on “My Picks For Spring 2008 Anime Season”

  1. 1) Kanokan looks addictive so I’m planning to watch it, 2) Consider adding Soul Eater to the list, dunno if you heard of it, but it’s pretty funny as a manga and it being done by BONES studio 3) I’m about to die from the wait for the spring season animes.

  2. Looks Like a good list. It’s good to see you’re not judgmental as other bloggers.
    How about also blogging Wagaya no Oinari-sama & Nijuu Menzou Musume?

  3. As a To Love-Ru manga reader, that show sits at the top of my list. The manga has no underlying plot and no direction yet I love reading it. 90 chapters of minimal progress can upset some people but the manga has held my interest nonetheless.

  4. Yeah! What happened to Code Geass R2? And out of that list I’m only looking forward to The Tower of Druaga and Allison to Lilia.

  5. Some good choices I think.

    In regards to The Tower of Druga – Beware of Gonzo! Honestly that group will forever make me concerned about anything they put out there. Can do a good job and maybe this will be one of those, but generally…

    Da Capo – Well didn’t watch any of the stuff that came before so starting now wouldn’t make much sense for me.

    Macross Frontier – Does look pretty interesting. Really enjoyed the first episode so this one should be pretty solid. From what I heard series does have some romance as part of it. At least an obvious possibility after the first episode is Ranka and Alto, but who really knows? Will definitely be following though.

    To Love Ru – Won’t be expecting anything serious, but that’s not a bad thing. Will see how I feel after watching some episodes of this. Some romance combined with the other aspects of the series should make it something I won’t mind following.

    S.A. Speical A – Thought premise behind it was pretty solid. Just something interesting about two rivals. Though one is in love with the other, but the girl is too focused on toppling the guy who just always wins. But with shows like Kimikiss, True Tears, H2O, etc ending can definitely find a spot for some solid romance.

    Itazura na Kiss – Initially wasn’t too sure about this one. The whole she confesses and he rejects her, plus the personality of the guy didn’t seem that great. But the whole following it over 10 years is really too unique to pass up. Will be some interesting developments and I’m looking forward to it.

    Kanokon – Almost wonder what I’m thinking, but what the heck. Sometimes have to watch stuff that makes you can just sit back and enjoy. Obviously the premise isn’t very serious, but let’s just see how it develops.

    Allison to Lillia – Honestly curious about this one. Animation seems fine and the premise has me interested.

    Soul Eater – Not at all sure about this one. Something when reading and looking at trailers hasn’t clicked with me. But will watch some episodes and see if I can get into it.

    Wagaya no Oinari-sama – Obviously no replacement for Horo here. Spice and Wolf was more serious/romance driven than I’d expect this one to be. But still think it could end up being an alright series. The jumping back between genders is a bit unusual to me, but will stay by my belief of letting things unfold.

    Nijuu Menzou Musume – Hoenstly not sure what to expect from this one. Thought the plot sounded interesting. Though not that big on crime stories.

  6. Well I’ll check out some of hte ones you’ve recommended, even if I don’t blog them there is a good chance I’ll watch them as that doesn’t require s much time.

    As for Geass, I haven’t actually watched the first season yet…I know, don’t kill me. I have it downloaded and I plan to watch it when I have time, but seeing as how I haven’t watched the first season yet I won’t be watching the second during this season. If enough people yell at me I might hurry my watching of the first season so I can do some posts on the second.

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