.hack//G.U. Trilogy

CG movie adaptation and compilation of the story from the three .hack G.U. video games.


Wow…That was incredible. I’ll say now that I’m a huge .hack fan and I’m not going to try and convert you, so if you didn’t like it that’s fine but for a .hack fan like me that was just stunning. .hack G.U. was interesting and unique in the .hack franchise because of how dark it was but this movie took that and multiplied it like a hundred times. It was incredible seeing the story like this. Part of the flaw of G.U. was that it was in a game so the story was spread out and drawn out. However when it was just focused like a laser as in this movie its intensity really showed and it was just pure and absolute win.

Now, putting aside rabid fan ravings of this show, because I’m such a big .hack fan I have to say that it is great. This isn’t an absolute substitution for the games. While it is a great one, there are some HUGE differences. However this really was one of the best game to movie adaptations I’ve ever seen. To take not just one game, but three which are amazingly heavy on the story and put it into an hour and a half was incredible. While things got cut from the story and things change the story itself that the movie presented was great. I was always going to like this when it came out because of being a .hack fan but I honestly didn’t expect it to be this good. However it has surpassed my expectations. Again, while it isn’t the absolute ultimate substation for the story the games have, it did one hell of a job and there really is a lot they can’t portray with the amount of time they are given. This was great in the sense of being an adaptation like that. But I will state that the movies huge major flaw was still that it tried to get all that in. This isn’t a movie for someone who hasn’t played G.U. and really wants to know about the story. Perhaps for someone who’s played .hack but can’t play G.U. or like me and are a big fan and want to see what you already know adapted to a movie, but I did think that compressing it this much still hurt a lot of the story. And even though there were HUGE changes, in the end it didn’t affect the overall story involving what Ovan was doing so I did find them to be quite acceptable.

I do of course have to mention the absence of Sakubo and Endrance. I was a bit disappointed in that. As I said above it’s absolutely full understandable that they wouldn’t have everything the games have, so focusing on the individual stories each of them have such as Endrance’s past with Mia and Sakubo’s multiple personality disorder were left out. While I loved that kind of character arc and background focus in the games, it was fine that they were left out but I wish they were at least included a little bit. Some of my favorite moments in the game was when all of the epitaph users minus Ovan walked together away from the screen and things like that. While they couldn’t have fit in their stories, they could have at least fit them in since they are in the position of being effectively part of the top 8 most important characters. But…for god sakes….THEY LEFT THEM OUT OF THE BIG CAMEO SCENE. The scene where all the people fly by when Ovan is falling, they show Nala, Silabus, Gaspard, Zelkova, Kaede, all the other ones not featured in the damn movie BUT NOT ENDRANCE AND SAKUBO! WHAT THE HELL!?!

I was very impressed with the romance focus. I was scared they’d leave that out, as they have to cut some stuff and that may be considered by some as unnecessary. However I loved it. I’m a huge romance fan and I loved that G.U. had romance in it where the first games didn’t. Even though in the games it kind of could be said you can end up with anyone due to the extra wedding quest, purely story line wise he does end up with Atoli and them actually portraying that in the movie was great.

And a bit more superficially speaking, some of those fight scenes where AWESOME. My god they looked cool. Haseo NEVER had that kind of power in the games. This was shown in the trailer but he had way WAY more bloodthirsty power in this movie. He had a whole Fate/Stay Night Gate of Babylon thing going there where a horde of weapons showed up form nowhere and launched like that. Just the big fight scenes involving Haseo and Ovan were some of the coolest things I’ve seen. The way he went from sword to sword like that. I’m smiling just remembering it. They really did have some cool fight scenes.

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  1. FINALY!
    I myself am a .hack junkie =) so you can imagine how I feel now that it is out! I actually have played the .hack//gu series, and just recently watched the movie, and I was surprised when the movie followed the storyline so well! It was a really enjoyable movie, and I would probably not press anyone to watch it, unless they have played the series.

  2. That was one incredible film. Wouldn’t have minded going through the game first. But did see the SIGN series, ROOT, watched the files that explained quite a bit about what was going on, and played the original .hack game so alright there. Know that plenty was missed so should still play the game. One thing annoying about the .hack series was how they tried to suck the fans dry. Split up something that could honestly be one game into multiples to encourage people to buy the whole thing. Love the story of the series though despite the minor things here and there.

    Now to the movie itself, this was really good! Haseo was a pretty interesting character. Wasn’t the stereotypical nice guy who takes every situation with optimism. Guy really went down pretty deep into the darkness. After losing someone he cared about couldn’t help but push himself to do anything in order to get the power for revenge. Obviously that kind of thinking can put someone’s personality into a pretty ugly place. Interactions with Atoli would reflect that kind of emotional state. The similarity in appearance to Shino had to make things complicated. Probably felt it would be better if he just pushed her away. Since just being around someone like himself can’t be good and considering what had already happened. But overall was a good guy who just went through difficult times.

    Atoli herself is a character who had dealt with some painful circumstances. Life being so painful in the real world and just hoping to make a real connection with someone in ‘The World’. The memories she had were pretty sad to listen to. Can only imagine what she had to endure. For whatever reason was drawn to Haseo and kept reaching out. Ovan could tell the feelings that were in Haseo and wanted to use her in order to make Haseo strong enough to beat him.

    Have to say that the moment where Atoli was infected by AIDA and he had to go inside her mind so to speak was pretty emotional stuff. The pain she was in making her lash out and do some major damage to Haseo along the way. But the guy continued walking forward in spite of it all and managed to save her. Not just her physical state, but on the emotional level as well. As corny as that sounds :). Though wish I knew what they were saying during that musical portion. Plus the moment later when Atoli appeared and helped Haseo to fight for the right reasons and not just for vengeance. Certainly can’t ask someone to let go of their burdens, but just to do what is right.

    Battles really were incredible to see though. The Gate of Babylon move was really impressive even if it got stopped by Ovan. Fighting in the epitaph forms was just huge as well. Visually this was just an incredible movie. Have seen enough game to movie attempts to say this is one of the best out there.

    Ovan’s motives was something I couldn’t have predicted. To think that it was all about trying to save his sister. Wouldn’t say I’m jumping for joy that he caused suffering for quite a few people for that mission, but can understand his reasons. Like people from the previous .hack adventure was just trying to save someone he cared about. Luckily Haseo was able to pull it off. Honestly thought from trailers he was talking to Aura. Surprise to me when it was his sister who had been the first victim.

    Overall this was just an amazing thing. Liked the ending in how they didn’t just accept Ovan’s sacrifice. Remember from the first games how sacrifice was important. Kite gave up his bracelet to stop Cubia and Aura sacrificed herself to end things. Of course her sacrifice just lead to her becoming complete and not eternal oblivion that most would experience. Also nice to deal with Shino at the end. Their bond really wasn’t the romantic kind, but still something important. Shino was always looking to Ovan, though wouldn’t say there wasn’t something felt for Haseo. But just nice to show that Atoli and Haseo together at the end of it all. Don’t leave it vague or uncertain.

    The end was pretty good as well. Really leaving open that things could continue in the future. Managed to save Ovan and his sister, but still things that can happen. It is ‘The World’ after all.

  3. I can’t wait for this to count out in English! The .hack games, all seven of them so far, are just outrageously awesome.

  4. lo que se realmente es que este juego me cambio la vida para mejor …nose a quien le pasa lo mismo q a mi pero espero q halguien piense igual q yo no hay palabras para describir lo mucho que me gusa este juego lo q si se es q es el mejor juego del mundo…

  5. Well, about this movie/compilation thing….I really love it! actually I played the game once and I was never been bored playing it and now there’s a movie! wahhhhhhaHHHH! The movie is a littel bit short and the story was fast-forwarded though. still. I loved it! I actually watch this movie in my pc over 15 times and i couldn’t resist the thrill behind this! hehehe. well, .hack fans I hope that there are more to come!

  6. This is by far the best out of all the Hacks.The fight seens where great,The story stayed very true 2 the g.u. saga on the ps.I wish I still had my ps an the gu trilogy i get me some an come back an watch this bad boy again. If ur a fan U would b a fool 2 pass this movie up!

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