Kimi ga Nozomu Eien OVA ~Next Season~ – 02

Mitsuki explains her past and how she came to move to a new city to her roommate, as Takayuki decides what to do regarding Haruka.


Well, it’s finally come. However I have to say that this episode wasn’t that amazingly great. It obviously seemed to be pretty much a recap of the previous series. However it was kind of to be expected that they would have something like that, so as long as they don’t have another episode that does the same thing I don’t have a big problem with the series overall for having something like this. It was interesting though to see how exactly things got to the point they were in the beginning of the last episode. This isn’t a direct sequel, it’s more like the shaved the last two or something episodes off the end of the first season and then made this as a sequel, otherwise things don’t fit. So because of that situation I am glad they kind of clarified things to explain what exactly has happened and what is exclusive to that first original season.

I do want to say just once more rather briefly that I don’t really think Mitsuki is a total bitch or anything. This episode did an amazing job of kind of explaining the situation but if it weren’t for Mitsuki doing what she did and getting Takayuki out of his slump, he probably would have killed himself or died due to no food and money. Plus, dealing with someone in a coma is a tricky situation, she could never wake up. Is she supposed to give up on love because her fried goes into a coma? Now, I’m saying this more or less to play the devil’s advocate as I really want Haruka to end up with Takayuki this time, but still, Mitsuki isn’t a horrible person.

Along that path of thinking though, I have to say that I was getting a little worried while watching this about the direction its heading. Now, this is partially me overly worrying about things but I got the feeling Mitsuki had another shot. That seems incredibly odd to say as when I first heard about this extra season it was kind of portrayed as a Haruka ending to the series, so for me to be worrying about him ending up with Mitsuki again may be stupid but I guess I’m just that overly worrisome. Still, it does seem the reason Haruka said she didn’t want to be with Takayuki at the end of last episode was because she was feeling guilty about Mitsuki’s feelings for him. I will pretty much completely disown this series if he ends with Mitsuki though. I mean, the series seemed over and done and then they come up with a new season like this. If they take this giant opportunity and do the exact same damn thing as before, it will be ridiculous.

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  1. I don’t know why Takayuki & Mitsuki blame themselves for Haruka’s accident.
    The person to blame is Ayu Daikuuji who was driving that day.
    This can be seen in Ayumayu Theater.

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