Clannad After Story Announced

Well I’m not really posting this as news, seeing as how plenty others have already commented on this, but since I’m a big Clannad fan and I blogged the series, I thought I should talk about this somehow.

If you didn’t know, Clannad After Story anime has pretty much been confirmed. This is absolute wonderful news because the main thing I kept hearing from people who had a problem with Clannad was that it ended too abruptly. Since After story is essentially the second half of the Nagisa route and the Clannad story, so they are pretty much animating the rest of the story.

I’ve got to say I didn’t expect them to do this, even knowing that After Story is so important I didn’t think they would animate another series to end things like that, but in doing so just makes this absolute wonderful news to me.

So, go ahead and tell me what you think of them animating After Story.

7 thoughts on “Clannad After Story Announced”

  1. Since the after story is set in the future of CLANNAD school arc, it’ll be nice to see the cast grown up. I guessed they would animate the after story one way or another given that Usio appeared in the opening credits of CLANNAD. After they finish the after story, I would really like them to animate Tomoyo After but my hopes have yet to be crushed. As a side note, I wonder if KyoAni is going to put the supernatural element in? *Wink wink* (

  2. I’ve seen reports that the DVD only episode is titled “Tomoyo: Another Story.” With that title it’s most likely her short story from 光見守る坂道で rather than Tomoyo After, but considering that she had the least air time of any of the main female characters, any Tomoyo is good and well-deserved.

  3. I’m not sure where they’ll go with this.

    As another blog said,

    they can either go with the sad route, the very sad route, or the very very sad route.


  4. I’m very interested in this anime, but this talk about the endings is sort of disappointing. Whoever knows quite a bit about this series, could you please contact me or simpy reply here with a way to contact you back. I have a lot that im curious about with this upcoming series. Thanks

  5. Uhhhhhhh just to let you know, theres a 24th episode that was released with the dvd, its a tomoy x tomoya story line in a alt. universe

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