Episode of the Week – 03.28 – KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 24

Episode of the Week:

KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 24

This was a rather hard decision. A lot of shows are displaying some really impressive episodes now that they are nearing their end, since they are ending at the same time their climaxes and conclusions are at the same time, making these decisions hard. However I had to go with this. In the end it came down to this or True Tears and while right now I would have to say I’ll probably like True Tears as a series so much more, I felt the final episode of KimiKiss was better then the second to last of True Tears.

This series main flaw seemed to be that it was paced oddly. Things building up too slowly and so on however since this award is based on the individual episode the conclusion was great. It really brought all this slowly moving stuff to a big conclusion in Kouichi’s arc and it brought an already amazing Kazuki story to an even bigger emotional level. Both of those combining with the overall feeling of the shows conclusion put it at top for me. I’m sure other shows will be better overall in my opinion, but going by individual episodes this finale was great compared to the other series’ second to last episode.

2 thoughts on “Episode of the Week – 03.28 – KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 24”

  1. Hasn’t been a bad show overall. Sure at times might have wanted the pacing to be different or spend less time with certain characters being depressed. But in the end it’s over and will be just a solid one to remember.

    Always did like Kazuki’s side to things and the final episode cemented it well.

  2. Thought it was a wonderful final episode. I loved how it tied everything up nicely. Every character had some sort of resolution, even if it was a bit tacked on. For the main characters I was impressed that their love triangles were handled in a more realistic way. The losers were really losing something, but rather than going crazy emo or being artificially paired up with some late comer to create a feel good vibe, they were allowed to be themselves and experience some heartache while fondling looking back on their love.

    I think the slow place served the series well in making the ultimate decisions on who to be with more realistic.

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