Shakugan no Shana II – 23

Shana and the others try and find a way though the barrier put up to save Yuji and stop Bal Masque’s plan.


This was a pretty big episode. It’s obviously building up to the ultimate climax, since we only have one episode left. However as far as things actually happening in this episode, well… not much did. We had Shana and the others pretty much just find out what the situation was. At the end they busted though but it ended before much really happened. It seemed like this episode was pretty much getting all of the slow things out of the way so the last episode can be action packed, which I’m fine with. The show has had some amazing action and high pace stuff going on that they can have an episode to stop and explain things. This episode made me extremely anxious for the conclusion.

I’m almost more anxious to find out just whether or not Kazumi will use the Hougo to summon Pheles. Although I kind of went over it before, this would be the perfect time to use it since things aren’t going too well for the good guys. The options would be of course to not use it and perhaps not need it, use it and have Kazumi die, sacrificing herself for the one she loves, or she uses it but doesn’t die because it wouldn’t be the first time someone used an attack that is supposed to kill them and doesn’t. I almost want her to use it. It’s not that I hate Kazumi. Although I want Yuji to choose Shana in the end I don’t hate Kazumi enough to say I want her to use it because I want her dead. However having someone like that sacrifice their life in a show like this would make things SOOOO much more dark and serious. There hasn’t even too much of that. Although there have been a lot of fights there hasn’t really been anything that would bring the show to another level like if Kazumi died. Still, as for what I think will happen, I’m sure she won’t die. Even if she uses it I severely doubt they’d kill her. Partially because as I said, the show isn’t that dark and deep and I don’t quite see them doing that.

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  1. Really was an episode for building up the finale. Did answer a lot of questions so wasn’t too bad in that regard. Get to find out about Mal Masque’s plans that stretch back to last season. Everything has been to set this up. Including hiring Sabrac to attack Yohan, Pheles, and Carmel in order to insert that spell that could allow them to track the Reji Maigo.

    Impressed with Yuji’s continued development. Didn’t take long for him to get his head on straight and know what he had to do. Couldn’t just wait for rescue, had to get in there and do what he could. Even Shana understood that he would be doing that.

    Do wonder about Kazumi. Had thoughts that she didn’t have a chance to get Yuji. That kind of feeling plus her thinking the night before about whether she’d use the hougu for Shana and Yuji if she lost makes you think. Honestly don’t think she’s going to use it. But at least puts the thought in your mind.

    Poor Margery. Took a really brutal attack. They knew an ambush was likely but there was no other option but to do it. Shana and Carmel will be busy against Hecate and Metamorphosis. Yuji really may be on his own to solve the problems inside the structure and getting back the Reiji Maigo.

    Should be an interesting conclusion and hopefully its done well.

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