Rental Magica – Final Impressions

I was pretty impressed with this series in general. It didn’t turn out to be anything incredibly unique and marvelous in the end, but I wouldn’t really say it’s that bad. I had kind of just marked it as a mindless shounen show where they fight against monsters and although that may more or less be what this series was about, it was still a lot more interesting then some other shows that may be given that description. I thought the characters and their situation was interesting and explaining why they were doing all this was great. They didn’t just say they are hunting things for no reason, it’s a business that not just those characters carry out, there are other business and so on. They really explored this other world of magic and it made the show pretty enjoyable.

One thing I do want to mention is how much I really liked the magic universe in this anime. Of course there are many different explanations on how magic works from one anime to the other, all being different, and I found this one to be one of the more interesting ones. There was just something about the type of magic and the different mythologies and religions they are tied to that really caught my attention. It was one of the more enjoyable parts of this show to see the different kinds of magic and have it be explained as to how they work.

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  1. Would agree it was just a good solid show. Maybe not one of the greatest ever, but I really enjoyed it. Was my Sunday night show and I thank Shinsen for their consistency and timing. Plus the notes they added for many episodes just added to the experience.

    Liked the variety in magic and the explanations behind them. It wasn’t just, oh these guys can use elemental spirits or some vague explanation. The characters really had their abilities based quite often in a mythical or religious kind of background. Nothing was really unbelievable. Everything had a strain or price to pay. Glam Sight, perhaps the most amazing thing out there had its cost. Seeing everything is such a difficult thing and a person could lose their mind. Or early when Nekoyashiki blocked a massive attack from Eaudiches he was pushed to his limits.

    Now onto the characters. Honestly I liked this group of characters. Kuroha for one, will probably go down as my favourite ghost character ever. Someone that nice should be alive I tell you! Really a kind person with a great sense of humor with the tricks she pulled at times. But does care about people. Like when her surprising Itsuki (by coming out from the ground in a graveyard, haha) got him to band his head a little. Took care to see how bad it was and watching him freak out when his head went into her chest :). Plus few ghosts or people look that nice in a bathing suit or maid outfit.

    Addy was also a pretty interesting character. Sure started off not sure whether I’d like her or not. But she grew on me along the way. Showed a tough time early trying to deal with her duty and feelings for her father. Nice to see how her feelings for Itsuki grew along the way. Some key moments like that hug when he found out she was alive. Or during the struggle to gain Asmodai and the kiss that had to be shared there. Then finishing in the second last episode when she declared that part of her heart would only belong to Itsuki.

    You had Mikan the series loli. Dealing with feeling like a replacement for her sister and wanting to prove herself. Nekoyashiki and his cats. Of course can’t forget about Itsuki. Really is a kind guy that has had to grow as a person. With learning some martial arts and how to work with Glam Sight he’s gotten stronger. Better than a person who would freak out and not be able to do anything. Plus during that wedding episode, the man had to protect his harem! No one’s marrying out of it on his watch.

    Overall not a bad series at all. Last episode didn’t quite feel as…big as you’d like from a final episode.

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