KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 24 [Final]

Kazuki goes after Futami when she disappears and Kouichi realizes and confronts his feelings for Mao.


This episode was really nice to watch. It didn’t really have anything that drastically surprising, I pretty much had this exact picture of what would happen in my mind already and it really did turn out exactly like I thought it would, so it didn’t really have any surprises. Still, it was very touching and nice to watch as I thought in the end, the conclusions were great. Disregarding for a second any problems with pace they had, the endings for both characters’ stories were great.

I do have to say I thought some of the characters that weren’t the ending pair, Kazuki, Futami, Kouichi, and Mao still got some great conclusions. I thought Hoshino’s was interesting. I loved how Kai compared what Kouichi was doing, staying with Hoshino, to what Mao did by staying with him. I didn’t feel as sorry as I thought I would for Hoshino. She seemed to have accepted the fact he loved Mao a while before he told her. I thought the bit about her becoming braver and stronger thanks to him was nice and although it may be a bit tragic she doesn’t end up with him, someone will always have to be hurt if there is a love triangle. She got a far better ending then I expected. They didn’t do too much more with Sakino, she pretty much had her conclusion last episode and nothing much changed. Even her little talk with Futami was more abut Futami then her. Still, she too got a fairly good ending, as it didn’t really seem sad or depressing. And of course, Nana and Naru ended up as a yuri couple, that was nice (SHUT UP, don’t tell me otherwise, let me have this) Yup…yuri couple.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I really loved this show. I’m a giant huge raging romance fan and a show like this that seemed more shoujo like then some of the other romance shows was a great change of pace. Seeing actual romance be more the focus then some of the comedy really was interesting. Even more is they did have two pretty much completely separate romance stories going on at the same. Just overall, I love romance and this is a great show that has it.

About Kazuki’s story specifically, it was definitely the high point of the series. It seems to be a general consensus but Kazuki’s story involving Futami and Sakino was my favorite. Not only was it a love triangle, but it was so much more then that. Hell, it could be as great of a story even if Sakino wasn’t in the show at all and it wasn’t a love triangle. If it was just about Futami it would still be great. This sis one of the best examples of character development I’ve ever seen. This is actual development, not just revealing facts about the character and their back-story. She really genuinely changed throughout the course of the series. She learned real feelings and was facing them for the first time. It was funny and cute yet at the same time really intriguing to see her get shy when she normally acts extremely stoic and calm. Kazuki’s story really was pretty much just about Futami. Him falling in love with her and convincing her that love exists and making her realize her feelings. It was just incredible to watch.

About Kouichi’s story specifically, it wasn’t as bad as some people say I think. It seemed as if this would be the main focus of the series but then Kazuki branched off and got his own story and it became essentially these two stories developing at the same time. However Kouichi’s really seemed extremely slow, and it was. It took forever to develop things, as it just went about slowly developing characters feelings. However even though it may have had an issue with moving too slowly I still loved the story in the end. I thought the conclusion to it was incredible and loved it. In the end, looking at the story and now the pace at which it developed was great. His story really did cause me to be torn between who I wanted him to end up with in the beginning but I definitely leaned towards Mao. I thought even though it moved slowly, it was great and I not only absolutely loved the conclusion but the whole story in general in what it focused on and the character involved.

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  1. I’m definitely with you on preferring Kazuki’s story to Kouichi’s. Eriko rocked. I wouldn’t say I loved the show, though I did enjoy it. But then I tend not to follow this kind of show in the first place, so I didn’t have anything to compare it to.

    And, knowing the internet, I’m sure there’re Nana x Naru doujins out there in its vast and shadowy darkness.

  2. I liked this episode alot. Sure, it wasn’t really a suprise with the events but still, a nice cool feeling to it.

    I would love to have a few – after specials, maybe 3-4 OVA ” What happend after? “. Though, there is the manga but it doesn’t seem as good as the anime to me.

  3. True enough we can keep Nana and Naru as a yuri couple. God knows they were using those frogs for the entire series as a proxy for what was going on between them. Seriously those frogs gave me the creeps.

    What really impressed me was with Kazuki’s story. In the first episode he found the girl he wanted to be with. Kiss was definitely a pretty shocking conclusion to that episode. But the whole series he stuck with going after her. Through experiements and simply stepping up to show that he loved her. Guy really developed through this series more than anyone else I think. Started out as being pretty half-hearted, nervous about even talking to Eriko, but a good guy.

    Through the show he really dedicated himself more to soccer and got on the starting team. Applied his determination to his love life and really pursued Eriko. Going up to her house and saying how he felt was just impressive. He wasn’t distracted with other relationships, didn’t see Asuka in that light and handled her confession as well as a person can in that situation. Even in the last episode just said he would find her no matter what. She could get scared, run, but he would always come and find her.

    Kouichi’s really felt like the secondary story for me, though it seemed to get more screen time. Just felt they took so much time with certain things. You’d see episodes where Mao was depressed then episodes where Kouichi was depressed. But I was honestly surprised that Kouichi was the one who broke things off with Yuumi. Didn’t think the guy had the ability to actually make that kind of move. Though it did take Kai giving him a push before he was able to act.

    Overall really enjoyed the series. The first ED will always be my favourite. Some really likable characters. Feel for Asuka since she was such a good person, but sadly in these things someone misses out. Hopefully she finds the right person down the line and has a great soccer career. Just a solid series.

  4. Wow, now that’s the way to end a good series! Some might complain that some of the minor characters got some last minute stories tacked on, but that’s fine by me, they weren’t off the wall or out of place. I love endings that tie things up nicely for all the characters; major characters get major resolutions and minor characters get minor ones. This series delivered that perfectly. Naru and Nana develop their ultimate Udon and make new friends, Hiiraji get’s a last minute love interest (wait, didn’t he have a girlfriend at another school?), and and Shijo…well Shijo is still cute and demure and quite nice in a kitsune costume.

    I join in agreement that the Kazuki/Futami story was the highlight of the series. Futami’s character drew me in the beginning and held my interest all the way through. I agree that both she and Kazuki really matured and developed throughout the course of the series. Kazuki grew more confident in himself and willing to give his all in life. Futami learned that being alone is not the logical and inevitable end for all people. Seeing her slowly grow to love Kazuki and thus experience things she didn’t realize or understand was beyond charming to watch. Even at the end when she went a bit emo, it served to further show the growth of her character. She is unfamiliar with love and loving someone and was afraid that Kazuki would choose Sakino, someone who logically made a better fit for him than her, and ran away to avoid this new sense of pain. It was endearing and totally in-line with her character. I just loved this story and I think Sakino also proved to be a good character. Even though she lost, and came into it too late to ever have a chance, she proved to be a strong and upstanding girl who proudly admitted her feelings, had no regrets, and will move on well.

    The Mao/Kouichi story wasn’t as good as Kazuki/Futami, but it was still nice. I really liked how they let things develop slowly. It made Mao’s realization of her feelings for Kouichi seem more realistic, and it also made Kouichi’s growing realization also believable. Most importantly, it made Hoshino’s acceptance of it without bitterness possible, which is what I loved about it all. Even though I feel bad for Hoshino, how was a totally lovable character, it get the sense she will be alright. She truly loved Kouichi, and thus was able to let him go and be happy where she knew he truly belonged, with Mao. She’s a better person for having known Kouichi, and can move on with no regrets.

    The same goes for Kai. Honestly, the slow pace of development and the way the creators worked out the ending really allowed for a great finish where even the losers weren’t quite so bad off. In a lot of series the rejected party either fades into an oblivion of despair or is artificially paired off with some other character just so no one has to feel bad. In this series, the losers in the love triangles really did lose, but like in real life, you feel they’ll grow from it, and after a little pain, move on to something new and better. That’s definitely how I feel Sakino, Hoshino, and Kai will end up. They’re all good people and will get what they deserve.

    In the end, just loved this series. It did it all right.

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