H20 – Footprints in the Sand – 12 [Final]

Hayami goes to live with Hirose in the city in order to try and restore his memory and state of mind.


This episode was certainly big. It seemed like it was going to go at a normal pace, and then Hayami would just yell something and fix things. I didn’t expect her fixing things to involve her dieing. I loved the revelation about Hayami’s mother. I always thought it was pretty tragic for her to kill herself and didn’t really like it but revealing that she didn’t kill herself, that she saved a child from getting hit by a train, was great. However it was definitely a bit NO WAY moment when Hayami did the same thing. I was stunned, as I didn’t think anything like that was going to happen. Still, it was an impressive moment form the show to have something that big happens like that.

I loved the epilogue. Forgetting the end of the epilogue, it was neat to see all the characters older like that. Hotaru being the village elder like that was awesome, still having her feuds with Yui and all. I absolutely LOVED the bit with Maki and Hamaji. I didn’t really ever guess that the two of them would end up together. Partially because they were really only side characters and I wasn’t sure how interested a girl would be in a guy who pretends he’s a girl. Still, it was a fun little addition they threw on there. Then of course the epilogue was huge when it dealt with Takuma and Hayami. It really was the ending to the series. Where some shows end before the epilogue, this one rally only concluded at its end. I thought them bring back Hayami was good. I didn’t really like that she died as it was kind of taking away even more from Hirose’s life that had been hard, and making Hayami who has suffered a lot not have a chance to be happy. So although I sometimes dislike return from the dead type situations, I thought this one was pretty good.

Final Thoughts:

H2O ROCKS YOUR SOUL! Ok, perhaps not, but that phrase will forever be burned into my mind as being associated with this show. Regardless of how the actual show ended up I have to say that the preview for it was one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen, in a sense that they weren’t trying to be funny. So even though the actual show may not have “Rocked my soul” the phrase wills till be burned into my mind.

This show definitely had its problems. There was constantly an issue of explaining things. So and so is hated then accepted? People just instantly adapt to a new revelation? So on and so forth. While when really looking at things it seems that it isn’t so much the characters just readily accept stuff, but they just have a time skip. Now, I’m fine with a show having a time-skip to skip over showing something long and drawn out as you don’t always need to see how things change, just what causes them to do so. Still, there is a degree to which that hurts the show. Not only did this show seem to reach that but they didn’t even clearly explain there was a time skip. Its one thing to tell us there is a gap between events, but the way this series handled it it could be taken as instantly happening. So the show definitely had problems, and a lot of them really were too much for this show to ever become great. Not only did the show have that pacing problem but there were just several parts I hated. Even though it’s not really a flaw with the show I just really disliked the whole beating some girl to near death. Not only that but I was constantly infuriated by the character and towns stupidity. Now I understand that this girl’s family were dictator like and caused many people to suffer but that still does not mean that habitually torturing their little girl who lives by herself in the forest after everyone drove her family apart should suffer. It’s not lie she said to her parents, “Hey, let’s target his family next” It just seemed ridiculous the degree to which they hated her. While it may have been needed for the story, but I still think it was incredibly stupid.

Now, while for the most part this series was really not that great, there were still some redeeming parts about it however in the end these redeeming points that I STRUGGLE to find aren’t enough to redeem the show. Still, the show wasn’t complete crap. I did think that although they executed most of the story horribly, some of the basic parts of it were quite interesting. The bit with Otoha was interesting and the twist involving Hirose’s eyesight was certainly something. There were some surprising and exciting moments in the show and although it seemed like it had a rough ride to get there, I did like the ending. It may have been a bit sudden to bring someone back to life like that but it’s not like her dieing held that much weight, the situation could have gone where she saved the kid and didn’t die so her being alive doesn’t really cheapen anything, therefore I’m fine with it. I think without that the ending wouldn’t be anywhere near happy enough. So although there were bad parts of the show and it wont’ amount to something “great” I still had fun watching it. That’s what matters after all, fun.

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  1. H2O is pretty good in my opinion and it seems like Otoha was convincing the spirits to let Hirose see a fully grown Hayami after her death. Though it was a tragic ending, it seemed befitting to the show. Also, Hamaji is not a guy! It’s her brother! The one in the maid outfit at near the end.

  2. Yeah, Hamaji’s a guy…it’s kind of obvious. It was directly stated in the episode that he’s a guy, plus they continuously made jokes about him pretending to be a girl. It’s called a trap Andy, plenty of anime have them…

    I’ve read on several sites about information on the anime and the original game and it all states flat out he’s a guy.

  3. I honestly wasn’t sure about the whole reviving the dead thing. Can’t believe that they actually resurrected Hayami. Since there might be some uncomfortable moments where people who went to her funeral are asking how the hell she is walking around the town again. If they didn’t want her dead then don’t have her hit by the train. Just opens a big can of worms about why not revive Hirose’s mother or Otoha instead of just reincarnation? Maybe they brought her back as a spirit like Otoha was at the start of the series. At least that wouldn’t be going overboard.

    I can handle reincarnating Otoha since that’s not going too far, though having memories of your last life and time as a spirit is something. Should be interesting when she gets back to the age when she died and Hotaru sees her.

    Sadly the town’s treatment of Hayami could be explained to a degree. Are families that well in the past had disliked occupations (executioners, etc). Their decedents are still treated differently and are discriminated against even with attempts by government to change that. This is an extreme form of it to be sure. Honestly a good chunk of those villagers should just be taken out.

    Do get Hirose had to accept everything to regain his eyesight. But anyone else find it odd that seeing his mother get smashed by a train the first time caused his eyesight to go. Then he gets it back in time to watch the girl he loves get crushed by a train and is fine? Good on Hayami to save the kid, but personally would probably just freeze up. Even if I could move going on a suicide run to possibly save a kid or making sure I stay alive would be a tough moral question to deal with.

    Will say the show didn’t exactly rock my soul or anything. Are characters I did like. Otoha was just a ton of fun throughout the series.

  4. This series was quite entertaining in moments, but I just gotta saw WTF with that ending. I mean, bringing Hayami back from the dead aside, they way they killed her off was incrediably unsatsifying. I mean, yes, it made a nice narrative circle for Hirose to lose his mother and his replacement mother/girlfriend in the same way while learning the truth about why his real mother stepped into that train. BUT the way they had Hayami do it was just plain stupid. I mean, if you’re trying to save the kid from being hit, standing in the way hugging the kid is not the way to do it. I mean, if you really wanted to kill her, at least have her push th kid out of the way but not make it herself. The way she was just kneeling there hugging the kid just made it seem like she either tired to death of dealing with Hirose-“chan” or just felt like making extra sure the kid stayed in the trains path. I don’t actually believe either of those, but geez, the way they did it just really really grinds me.

    Now as for bringing her back, it’s not like a supernatural element hasn’t been in this series already, what with Otoha before, but to actually resurrect Hayami whole? That’s just out of bounds. I guess given how everyone in this series never seemed to react to major changes anyways, I guess Hayamis suddenlt popping back years later will be totally glossed over as well.

    I gotta say this series really fell short of what I think it could have accomplished simply due to bad narrative design. It’s too bad too, it had some good ideas that it never took anywhere and handled it’s characters a bit too sloppily. Now I’m just wondering who kid Otoha’s parents are now.

    What I really want to see is a series about Hamaji and how he courted the other girl, had a kid, and continues to carry on in a dress!

  5. Well as for the whole courting thing MOE is widely accepted over in Japan rather then here in the states so it’s easy for a girl to fall for a guy who looks like a girl or w.e you know I’m sure Hamaji doesn’t always do it hence the quote by his little sister it may not be accurate but along these lines
    “Wearing the Dress again?..Grow up already”

    so yeah

    as for Hayami coming back I’m pleased it ended rather bad by the train killing her yeah.

    But I’m sure if the Fairy world was able to completely bring her back I’m sure they made some sort of change to were in everyone’s mind who cared for her (Her friends and the uncle) She never really died

    overall great anime some questions unanwsered I think it could of gone on with more episodes or perhaps they could make 2 OVAs or 1 fat chance lol but yah

    thumbs up =]

    lol fat chance

  6. Well, the series was interesting at first, when mysteries weren’t yet revealed.

    I think in episode 12, Hayami is not alive. I think her state is just like Otoha’s. Only Hirose can see him.

  7. I think the end of this series is really the best. At least, there was a miracle. I, fortunately watched this one after “ef – a tale of melodies” so I think there is nothing to complain about this one. Although a BIG mistake happen at the accident scene of Hayami. SHE WASN’T STANDING WHERE THE TRAIN WAS MOVING. So how did she die? Or disappeared mysteriously until the very end??? It kinda irritates me because the series was a real good one, so just only that mistake can completely ruined the whole. But anyway, it’s worth watching this one.

  8. my opinion is that Hayami is definitely alive! the line

    “So, watch over her properly this time..”

    which Otoha said proves this!

    right, right ? ^_^

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