Clannad – 22 [Final]

Nagisa tries to perform her play despite being devastated upon learning the truth behind her parents abandoned dreams.


This episode was incredible. I may be a bit biased since I’m a huge fan of Clannad but I really did love this episode and finale. There were so many great parts to it; I was so drawn into the episode. When Nagisa was standing there on stage and not able to do anything I was so on edge, I kept pausing it, getting up from my chair and turning around, so on. It really had me drawn into it. The episode was great. Although some may criticize Nagisa for being so emotional, I thought it was completely understandable. To find out that your parents had a definite dream that they gave up on because of you would be rather hard to take, especially for someone as kind and caring as Nagisa. Still, the speech that her dad gave and then that Sanae and Tomoya chimed in on was great. It really gave a remarkable conclusion to the focus on “family” this show has. I never really made the connection but the way Nagisa was fulfilling her dream for Tomoya and Sunohara, since they no longer can, was great.

I’m pretty sure I’ve expressed countless times in posts for this series and nearly every other one how much I love romance in shows. One of my main hopes for this entire series was that they would show some definite romance conclusion to the story. While that may seem like a no brainer coming from a show adapted from a game such as Clannad, even with no H scenes it’s still pretty much a game where you end up with a particular girl. Still, so many other shows coming from the same kind of roots don’t conclude that way. This is why I was just absolutely ecstatic at the confession scene at the end of this. I was just…giddy upon seeing it. I thought it was great. The way Tomoya, not a normally spineless coward like many other leads saying the confession shyly like that was great and just the overall meaning of them being together like that in the end was great. It was one of my favorite scenes in any anime ever.

I do have to say something about “After Story” I’m not too sure on the specifics but I know in general of what is addressed in this extra that either came with the game or as an addition or what not but it is some kind of epilogue to Nagisa’s route. Now, I’ve heard several people who have played the game that Nagisa’s route is nothing without this. While I’m a raging fan of epilogues and I would sacrifice several livestock animals in some ritual to get an anime OVA of one or two episodes that dealt with “After Story” I don’t think Nagisa’s route was “bad” without it. It might make it amazingly better but as it stands I thought it was great even without it. This may partially be from me not knowing exactly what it entails but from what I do know I can easily say it would make it better, but it doesn’t make what the anime has shown any less good. I know it involves an epilogue rather far into the future, including a character that has yet to be introduced (I don’t want to say more, as I won’t spoil anything) Even though they have an extra episode as they have previewed, I don’t think it’s the same as After Story because of where in the timeline it takes place. It’ll still be fun to see, but I don’t think it can really be compared to After Story. Anyways, the bottom line is even though it doesn’t seem like they will be showing “After Story” which is an epilogue to Nagisa’s route, what the anime showed was fine.

Final Thoughts:

Clannad has certainly been an interesting run. I came into the show knowing pretty much nothing about it. I was a huge fan of Kanon and Air and knew that Clannad was going to be very similar so a lot of my mindset was comparing the shows. Not really comparing them in quality or in the actual types of characters they had, but more comparing the pace at which the show moved or the kind of content they focused on, and how they shifted focus around form the different characters. Really, it was pretty similar. They had a couple of episodes to introduce the main character and just the kind of personality and situation everyone was in then they spend several episodes on a single character, have a couple episodes of lull, then focus on another character. The formula seemed to be exactly like this for at least two of the characters and although they ended up combining the arcs of some characters that still pretty much fell in the same situation. I am glad the ended up combining the arcs. Although it ended up not giving either much focus without doing that there wouldn’t have been anywhere near enough time t focus on Nagisa, whose arc really was much more symbolic of what the whole show stood for and which dealt a lot with the main character, not just Nagisa herself.

I do have to mention the character’s a bit. Of course in a show like this there will be several cases of personal favorites amongst fans. Giant fan boy raving about a particular girl and mentions about how another one was horrible and so forth, but just looking back on it without any ravaging fan perspective I did like all of the characters. I thought each of their arcs was rather unique amongst each others’. One dealt with someone being a ghost, one with a tragic past involving their parents, one just involved romance towards the male lead and a bit of jealousy amongst family, and the other dealt with trying to redeem herself from a bad past and the harm she caused to her family and although some people seem to dislike Nagisa, again mostly because of raving fan boy attitudes, I’ve yet to see someone intelligently tell me why a particular girl is worse, not that I want to, I actually don’t give a damn, but still a lot of the attitudes towards Nagisa seemed a bit negative when I really liked her part in the story. She may not have been my personal favorite girl as in her personality or just her character itself but I found that her story and her arc were amazing. Definitely befitting of the final arc. While it may seem bland, its deeper meaning definitely carries more weight and the focus on family it brought was very intriguing.

Speaking of family, that is one point I want to talk about as well. I don’t know too many other shows that have the kind of deep focus that this show had. Several shows will end up having some kind of topic about romance and that’s as deep as they’ll go. It will have some kind of drama but it won’t usually end up meaning much more in the long run. However this show really seemed unique in that sense. The big theme was family, in pretty much every girl’s arc. Not only was family important to each individual girl’s story, it was important overall in the main characters story which was just amazing to see. To see something that meaningful and complex be addressed really made this show great.

4 thoughts on “Clannad – 22 [Final]”

  1. I have not played the game at all, but I do know that the After Story is effectively the second half of the game’s story. And that game veterans know very well that it is impossible to adapt in a mere two episodes (which also isn’t the case, as proven by next week’s preview, so now we’re down to that DVD ep).

  2. Heh I enjoyed this a lot too. I’m glad to see a really positive review of a great ep compared to all the “weak end lols”.

  3. I’ve seen the CLANNAD movie and it doesn’t compare with the series. I hope they do the after story because I really want to see Usio. Given that they put her in the opening, they may do the after story as an overly long OVA. I’d like to say this was an amazing series and had me waiting every Thursday and Friday just to see it. It is truly captivating. And to touch on hte subject that one girl’s arc is better than another, that’s not true. Each arc touched a different issue and all of them are on equal terms. With the exception that they cut and compressed two girl’s arcs together to give room to Nagisa’s route. I would recommend this series to anyone, for the dazzling art work, amazing plot and story. Also, to end this, I found the girl in the illusionary world to be really hot and cute. *Dreams*

  4. First time comment…Heh, After Season deserve its own season. It is no way KyoAni could fit it into 2 episodes. From the unconfirmed news I heard, KyoAni is gonna air After Story during June. Lets hope that this is true.

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