KimiKiss Pure Rouge – 23

The school festival has finally arrived and Kouichi spends his day with Hoshino as it’s her last day before moving, and Kazuki participates in the big soccer match with Sakino.


This episode was alright, it seemed incredibly lax though in that nothing aside from an official rejection of Sakino came out of it. They didn’t develop Kouichi’s arc at all really and just focused slightly on Kazuki’s. I’m fairly happy with the way they concluded Sakino’s bit in Kazuki’s story. It’s pretty much settled that this will be the end of it, at least the end of Sakino’s inclusion in it. She confessed her feelings and kind of made peace with the face Kazuki liked someone else. As for the rest of Kazuki’s story, I’m sure he’ll go looking for Futami because she’s run away being all confused about her feelings and any harm she’s doing to others like Sakino for being with Kazuki. But Kazuki’ will find her and says something meaningful to her and she’ll be like, “/gasp” and it will be all better, the end. I’m pretty sure that is what will happen as it seems reasonable and would also be a pretty good end to it all, I wouldn’t mind that kind of ending at all.

It does seem like Kouichi’s arc will suddenly burst forward with development and a conclusion or climax next episode as well. Though I can’t say this is the best way for his arc to go, going really slowly then suddenly exploding, given their situation I don’t’ really see much more of an alternative. If they gave some big drama any sooner then it wouldn’t have made whatever climax moment is coming up anywhere near as exciting. Even though the preview didn’t show much I read a lot into it. I’m kind of guessing that Hoshino and Kouichi will say goodbye but Hoshino will break off their relationship ending with the whole “We’ll meet again” line that the title of the episode has. However I think she’ll make it clear she’s kind of breaking up with him and that they wont do some long distance relationship. Not because she doesn’t like him but because she knows his and Mao’s true feelings and does this because she can tell Kouichi cares about her and if she’s around they will both just end up hurting themselves. I’ve got to say that even though Kazuki’s story is much more interesting and has been the better one so far if this does in fact happen with Kouichi’s arc it will give it huge points in my view.

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  1. Honestly still don’t care much about Kouichi’s arc. It’s just gotten a little annoying really. Have Mao just depressed for a good amount of time. Then Kouichi gets hit over the head with Mao liking him and starts thinking. Then he starts getting depressed, but still able to blush and happily go around with Yuumi. Now finally they have to finish this guy off.

    Honestly Kazuki is just a far greater character right now than Kouichi. Kazuki figured out what he wanted and went through everything to get to that. Had to grow as a person and not be half-hearted about things, but it was good development for him. Kouichi gets Yuumi pretty much delivered to him and now still can’t make the call about what he wants to do about the situation. Do think Yuumi will have to be the one to break it up since I just can’t see Kouichi able to do it.

    Was good to finish off Asuka’s part in the story. It’s sad that really she had no chance from the start. Once she started to figure out her feelings, Kazuki was already locked in on Eriko. Got upset with Eriko, felt guilty, and got them back together. She even helped develop Kazuki so he had the courage to go after Eriko with all he had. Just too bad that she couldn’t end up with the guy she liked. But her soccer future has opened up and I’m sure she’ll find someone who will make her happy.

    Now let’s just have Kazuki track down Eriko. I do think she needs to come to a decision on her own. Understanding her feelings and decide that its worth the risk. Sure things may not work out and she knows first hand the pain a relationship falling apart can cause. But she already cares about Kazuki so she’s not going to avoid anything by stopping it here. Just go for it and do everything you can to keep it strong.

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