True Tears – 11

Shin tries to find Noe to talk to her after her cryptic message to him and starts getting closer to Hiromi.


Wow, this was a pretty big episode. It’s pretty much undeniably confirmed that Shin will end up with Hiromi. I mean, I can’t imagine any train of thought that rationally explains how he could end with her. This is coming from a huge fan and supporter of a Shin x Noe ending, I just don’t see it happening. However this episode reinforced a little bit what I aid in a previous post that the Hiromi ending may not be as bad as I thought. Partially when I said I would absolutely hate this show if he ended up with anyone other then Noe was kind of just being a rabid Noe fanboy at the time. Now some of this may be coming from the part of me that kind of wants to be on the winning side but I don’t think that a Hiromi ending would ruin this show. I’m still going to be a Noe supporter all the way, I would rather he ended up with her, but I’m not going to lead me to delusions of it actually coming true. Still, from the way they’ve presented it in the last couple of episodes Hiromi’s ending wont’ be as bad as I thought.

Really everything is pointing to it right now, a Hiromi ending. Noe has pretty much said that she knows Hiromi is the one Shin loved. She’s kind of gone a bit nuts it seems from realizing it. Plus Hiromi kissed him; she initiated it which means she like shim obviously. Plus she’s broken off ties with Noe’s brother pretty much and kind of told him to confront the fact that he likes his sister. So I think it’s pretty much set in stone. Ai has already had a conclusion where she’s given up on Shin and may even get back together with the other guy but starting over again under the state of mind she’s given up on Shin. It’s Noe who I’m curious about. I don’t’ quite see this show actually promoting or implying an incest kind of conclusion to her and her brother’s situation. She obviously doesn’t feel that way about him so I’m sure they will just make her be back to normal in the end, but hopefully still friends with Shin and be her usual happy and unique self, after she cries of course.

There is one way I would disown ever having anything to do with this show though, if Noe died. I know it seems kind of odd to think that that may happen but there was just something about the situation that didn’t sit right with me. She seemed kind of a bit nuts at the time, holding onto Jibeta and going to the beach/pier like that. Plus the book ending Shin wrote really freaked me out. Jibeta dies? They’ve been using the book for a metaphor, if Noe is Jibeta then that doesn’t bode well for her. It’s a long shot, but just something that was worrying me, I don’t’ think it will happen but if it does I’ll loathe the series.

2 thoughts on “True Tears – 11”

  1. “Noe has pretty much said that she knows Hiromi is the one Shin loved.”

    She also thinks Jibetta can fly now too. I think her “magakoro no souzouryoku” is off tuned.

    Hiromi did kiss Shin, but he didn’t really kiss back. In fact, he seemed quite occupied with thoughts Noe.

    Also, I think a you-have-my-true-tears NoexShin ending has a more “magical” feel than a dull over-used childhood-crush HiromixShin ending.

    Don’t forget, in anime history, the girl who is love with the main male lead in the penultimate episode of the show usually ends up losing him.

  2. Interesting collage!

    Forget the eyes, what’s with that mouth half-open expression from Shin? LOL. (It’s a little dopey.)

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