Shakugan no Shana II – 22

Shana and Yoshida decide to confirm Yuji’s feelings once and for all and have him choose definitely between the two of them.


Wow…..this was a big episode. It didn’t seem like it at first considering the slow pace they had with relatively no action especially compared to the action packed episodes we just recently had but really taking a look at everything that happened it adds up to A LOT. First off they showed Sabrac is still alive….somehow….that was a big shocker. We have Satou’s continuing story about joining Outlaw and how he’s pretty much confirmed to try and join even doing something involving his father which seems like a big deal for him. We have Ike’s confession to Yoshida. There was a hint at some kind of romance back-story for Wilhelmina. We have of course the big love triangle decision between Yuji, Shana, and Yoshida. Then Hecate’s appearance at the end. It was pretty damn big. The scene with Hecate at the end nearly made me loose it. SHE COULDN’T WAIT 10 FUCKING MINUTES FOR HIM TO CHOOSE!?!? DAMNIT! I’m a big BIG supporter of romance in series and the fact that something this big was about to happen made me giddy but of course it couldn’t have just gone on like normal. It would have been a big enough event by itself for him to make that kind of definite decision but NOOOOO that’s too damn simple! God damn Hecate……….

I have to mention pretty much separately that this episode had one of the funniest Shana moments in the entire series. When Shana demanded like it was no big deal that she be thought how to make babies I just lost it. I burst into laughter. I’m not talking about the silent little chuckle or a continual silent laughter where you laugh but make no noise, I was extremely loudly laughing my ass off for several minutes. Asking not only Yoshida but asking it in front of Yuji and his parents was absolute awesomeness and hilarity.

My primary concern now is their time management. With only four episodes left in this season/series it’s obvious they won’t be able to explain everything. Even considering they would group things together they have Hecate’s appearance and the removable of the Reiji Maigo which could be connected to the Silver appearing they still have to not only defeat the Silver or fight it which would be a huge feat itself they have all the members of B al Masque to fight. I just don’t’ see them fighting and concluding a battle with The Silver, Triclops girl, Metamorphous, and Hecate in four episodes while still just dealing with them explaining the plan going on, getting the Reiji Maigo back, and putting some kind of closure to the romance and the issue of immortality that Yuji and Shana have compared to the human world. My only hope is they have a third season. Hopefully they have no anime original ending and just stop it here. I think the best case scenario is they conclude this individual fight, get the Reiji Maigo back, and then end the season. I’m not sure if they can conclude the romance. Part of me hopes so but the other doesn’t as it would leave the third season with potentially less. Hell, I don’t even think they will defeat any of Bal Masque, bearing a third season is coming, as it seems odd to defeat one member and if any of them is more separate form the group dynamic it’s the Silver which seems to be their ultimate weapon and seems odd it would be defeated here and still leave Bal Masque for another season by themselves effectively weaker.

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  1. A little angry at Hecate there?

    And yes, I was laughing pretty good with Shana’s thing. To even embarrass poor Chigusa into silence seems like a feat in itself. And, of course, poor Shana never seems to find out either, as we don’t see Yoshida telling her, anyway.

    As for the episodes left, it was my impression this was going to be 24 episodes, like the first season, which would put us at 2 episodes left instead of 4. The story break down on the official site are broken down into groups of 6 episodes, which would seem to suggest 24 as well. If we only have 2 episodes left, whatever is about to happen will probably be the last thing that happens this season I would think.

    With the romance, they could end this season with Yuji picking someone, kind of like they had Shana “confess” at the end of the first season.

  2. Well I think Hecate really should be more considerate. Shana has tried really hard to get her feelings out there. Something just keeps getting in her way which is pretty darn rude. Sure it makes sense since Yuji was a better target then instead of with Shana. Still….

    That baby question was just too much fun. Just thinking about it. Asking Yuji to teach her how to make a baby, or even Kazumi. If you don’t keep it as an innocent question, oh boy. Did laugh quite a bit myself with this one. It’s just too much to have Shana asking with such a tone all those people. All Shana knows is that asking that in public is really embarrassing.

    Sabrac just keeps coming back. Of course having such a villain around in the future has a lot of interesting possibilities. Ike showing his courage even though he pretty much knew rejection was going to happen. Takes guts to go and do it no matter what the result is. Satou moving closer to Outlaw even bridging the gap with his father that he’d really rather not do. Just so much happened in this episode.

    I’m not sure what to expect with the end of the series. Would rather they don’t do something like last season. Having a confession from a character and then with the next season, conveniently not hear it. If one isn’t supposed to confess here in the story than don’t force it.

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